Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I LOVE....

Biggest Loser.

You thought I was gonna say something else, didn't you????

1. Bob Harper. Favorite quote of his:
"I am gonna work you so hard I'll break your legs off and beat you with them."
I really don't completely understand the sentence...but it cracks me up...every time.

2. It is super encouraging. As I've gained and lost 145 pounds over my past 3 pregnancies in 5 years...and I'm adding 15 pounds so far with has been an excellent motivator to get off my butt and lose the weight. The trouble is - whenever I watch them work out super hard it makes me want to sit there and eat ice cream. Or Doritos. Seriously. I have my worst food cravings during this show! So now I drink a glass of chocolate milk while sitting on my exercise ball and then do lunges and bicep curls while watching. Nothing too strenuous I promise!

3. Their blatant plugs for products. I don't know why - but I find them hilarious. Like people naturally say

"Oh! These Jennie-O turkey slices are really amazing! I could eat them every day wrapped around a carrot! Definitely tastes better than the chili cheese fries I normally eat for snack."
Okay, so I added the chili chees fries part....but that's what I'd be thinking about! Really?! I know healthy food tastes good....most of the time...and portion control is a VITAL part to weight control...but I'm sorry, a turkey wrapped veggie does not replace a junk food snack. (Unless it's turkey bacon wrapped around southern collard greens...that I could get behind.)

4. The music. Have you ever really listened to the background music? Especially during the 2nd half of the show? (The weigh-in part.) It sounds like music from some epic movie. I'd really like to have that piped in my bathroom whenever I step on the scale.

5. Jillian Micheals. That woman keeps quite a few waxing places in business. Her eyebrows desperately want to be one...and I feel her pain. As you can tell....I'm very deep and mature.  Seriously though - her training is great. Definitely enjoy her style.

The main reason I love Biggest Loser?

6. It shows me I CAN DO IT. I know that is very much like #2...but its the truth. I find it to be such a challenging, encouraging show! Being a healthy weight...getting to and maintaining a healthy IS possible! No matter where you start on the scale. Or what fitness level you are. It is possible to be healthy. To change your lifestyle. It isn't easy. There are no real quick-fixes. BUT it IS POSSIBLE! And that is why I keep coming back season after season.

And because I've been constantly pregnant and need the motivation!

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  1. hahahaha! This cracked me up! I love it! I haven't seen an entire episode ever but now I am definitely going to look it up on hulu! :)

    PS - I'm super impressed that you still do lunges and bicep curls while pregnant! :)

  2. The lunges definitely look a little funny with the belly in the way - I have to do them at a bit of an angle - but at least I'm moving! Gotta keep my muscles strong....labor is war on a body! :) I'm not endorsing everything about the show - for the record. I just like it for the reasons stated above. :) Its more of a watch-while-doing-something-else-show....not a real deep plot or anything to keep track of! ha!


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