Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little sweet things....

As I was scrubbing the bathroom today...this nesting thing is definitely making my house spic and span!...I looked at my "Jewelry organizer" on our bathroom sink. This metal piece has a bit of history to it...

For our 2nd anniversary, My Love was extremely creative. (He had to be since we had a 6 week old!) He had returned from sea just before String Bean was born and wanted to celebrate this milestone in a special way.

So, he kicked me out of the house.

For just the afternoon.
(Please forgive the crumbs and water stains...I forgot to take a "before" picture!)
And when I returned, our front porch had been transformed into a beautifully romantic dinner setting for two. He had coordinated with two of his friends - who just happened to be AMAZING chefs - and we had one of our best dates ever. He had found flowers similar to the ones in my bouquet to place on the table...he found a purple runner like what was used at our reception...and he placed a beautiful metal candle centerpiece in the middle of the table to top it all off.  

It was perfect.

I'm sorry to say for a couple years that centerpiece was sitting in a box buried away...we didn't have a table big enough for a centerpiece...I didn't know what to do with it...and it just felt a little too fancy for every day.

But one day as I was trying to figure out a way to keep my jewelry organized and not in a knotted mess in a bag...I remembered this piece. I hunted around. Dug it out. And realized - just because it was MADE to be a table centerpiece or candle holder...it didn't have to stay that way!

So now, every day when I pick a necklace or put on ear rings...I get to remember this act of love and attention he showed to me. 

 And I smile. And remember exactly what it is I love about this man...All the little moments that make a life wonderful.

(If you like any of the flower hair clips - you MUST check out Poppie Lane!)

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