Monday, October 18, 2010


So THIS is what the books are talking about! The overwhelming urge to reorganize your linen closet...go through all your clothes...scrub everything in sight...rearrange...clean...bring order. I am sure I have experienced this feeling before - I just never realized that is what it was.

How can that be???

Well, this pregnancy is an odd one for is the FIRST time I haven't moved while pregnant. Yep. So when all "those" people in the books had the urge to alphabetize their spice drawer...I was still hunting for which box my spices were in! I guess it put the pregnant-crazy-nesting-hormones to good use at least.

We moved - across the street - in my 2nd trimester with String Bean. And 2 days later My Love deployed again.

We moved - from Virginia to Florida - in my 2rd trimester with Jumping Bean. My Love was in OCS during that it was completely solo.
We also moved AGAIN just around the corner...when Jumping Bean was 6 weeks old.

We moved - from Florida to Virginia - in my 1st trimester with Bitty Bean. My Love had already reported to duty in that one was solo also. It was an especially memorable one...2 weeks before Christmas we had our packout...String Bean had an upper respiratory infection, Jumping Bean had a cold, I had a sinus infection AND morning sickness AND a pretty severe cough. Fun times. Did I mention it was 17 hours driving in the car???? (Although that was actually a TON of fun!)

So this odd ball pregnancy...where I'm due in the winter -not the summer; carrying a boy - not a girl; craving fruit - not BBQ or ice cream; not packing on weight like an Eskimo preparing for winter - as opposed TO packing on weight like an Eskimo preparing for winter; and actually staying a very fun, very new, experience for me. 

I'm really enjoying whipping my house into shape. Especially since it is not for someone else! This odd phenomenon of nesting is really insane.

I woke up one morning recently and HAD to clean my bathroom sink. Did it matter that I had already overslept and was running behind schedule? Nope. This sink had to be sparkling. Before ANYTHING ELSE COULD HAPPEN.

I have been having trouble sleeping at night....because I had not been able to label the bean's drawers/cubbies! (We ran out of permanent marker.) 

 Why is this something built into pregnancy? Wouldn't it be more beneficial to be struck with an overwhelming need to sleep? Apparently not. Because I CANNOT sleep if there are dishes in the sink. Or laundry left unfolded and not put away.

Before you go and write me off as some looney tunes cleaning must understand - this is not the normal me! I like a tidy house - who doesn't? - but I normally have NO PROBLEM with putting my feet up and pulling a Scarlet O'Hara...."I'll deal with it tomorrow." But this baby boy of mine is a huge fan of having his mommy accomplish....well....everything in sight. If only he wouldn't suck all the energy out of me at the same time!

I must go and continue to feather my nest...I hear my spice drawer calling.

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