Friday, October 1, 2010

Cocoa Bean Moments...part 2

I think Friday will be my "Cocoa Bean Moments" days....because it is always nice to focus on the sweet things in life.

Although I will be posting about yesterday VERY soon. . . it was most definitely NOT sweet.

My morning started out late...primarily because I turned off my alarm when I was still awake at 2 am. Ahh the joys of a brain that will not shut down. 

Anyway, this morning, instead of waking to a not-so-melodious-beeping and stumbling into the bathroom to shower before I can peel my eyelids up and open my eyes...I was treated to String Bean tiptoeing into my room...crawling into bed behind me...and giving me a HUGE hug. Then she gently scratched my back and said, "It must be hard growing a person. And taking care of us. I love you so much Mommy."

And suddenly, all the horrible things that had made me lose sleep...all the awful moments of parent-child struggle of the day before...all the disappointment in ANOTHER rainy day...just melted away.  All that was left was just pure sweetness of the moment. 

Like God just placed a kiss on my pillow.

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  1. Now I have tears in my eyes, because I remember those days when you thought you just couldn't hold it together and then one sweet adorable child comes along and says the PERFECT thing. How does such a little one come up with such a profound statement.....It must be hard growing a person and taking care of us..........PRICELESS!!

  2. Lord, you have kept a record of my wanderings. You have collected my tears in a bottle. You have recorded them in your book.... Ps. 56:8

  3. it makes up for the frustration, hair pulling, change in tone of voice, hiding in a bathroom, and many disgusting poop changes all worth a single moment of innocent love. God is always good. And he has a great sense of humor;)


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