Thursday, October 28, 2010

There Will Be Blood...

So the running joke in military ON military families.

"The Curse" of a deployment if you will - everything that CAN go wrong, Will go wrong.

I was thinking to myself today how I had somehow managed to escape that "curse"...I mean, I have put my key in the ignition and every day my Suburban has started. (Don't fail me now!) My washing machine and dryer are still functioning at peak condition. No broken bones. No hospital visits. No major illnesses. But then I thought about it a little more....and realized I have had a touch of that joke played on me....I've just been too busy to notice!

So here's the running tally:

Bitty Bean: 
Bit an almost-complete hole through her two areas.
Has already cut through EIGHT teeth since My Love left...and is working on two more.
Fell into a corner of a wall and had a large bump on her head.
Nose bleed that gushed and gushed and was awful!
Explosive Diarrhea. (Need I say more??)

Jumping Bean:
Busted her lip when she fell into the leg of a chair.
Bit a large chunk out of her lip while trying to launch a shopping cart (For the record: they don't launch.) it swelled so much she couldn't eat that night
Jumped on bed...landed wrong...blood exploded out of mouth. All sheets and mattress pad had to be changed.
Fell down FIVE stairs.
Fell into the corner of a wall and had a goose egg the size of a goose egg.
Fell out of the tub and hit her face on the toilet...three bites on the inside of her lip, one deep gash in her tongue...OH THE BLOOD!!!
Explosive Diarrhea

String Bean:
Fell up the stairs and caused a swollen knee.
Fell down 8 injuries that we could tell.
Fell off bike and skinned both knees. 
Explosive Diarrhea
Hearing Loss from all of her sisters' crying.

Flooded Laundry Room
Locked Keys in Car
Forgot what not-to-eat...and got to throw up because of it.
Bitty Bean smacked her head into my I look like I lost some kind of fight.
Electricity knocked out more times than I can remember.

So, while the major things listed in the first paragraph haven't happened....I'd say we've had our fair share of little mishaps! I mean it has only been 7 1/2 weeks!!! 

A couple things I have learned in all this:
I still really, really, really don't like blood....but I'm getting better at handling it. 
Oxi-clean can get blood out of ANYTHING...currently my most used product...well, after toilet paper.
God has a sense of you know how much head/face wounds bleed?? Even when they are superficial??? An exorbitant amount. Really.

And the most important thing? 

Pregnancy is cake compared to what they can dish out when they are on the outside!

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  1. hahaha - that last line is hilarious! Whew - I'm exhausted just reading this! Praying for you!!!!!


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