About Me

I'm a person who loves seeing the funny in life.
God's forgiveness amazes me.
I like food - a LOT.
I enjoy working out.
I am a sorta passable sewer.
I'm not really great at anything - but I give each of my things everything I've got.
I'm married to my best friend.
My Love was a civilian when I met him - so I've been with him since day one of the military.
I get to take care of 4 hoodlums that call me Mama. (And I love it! Most of the time)
I'm 30 and finally figured out how to use a curling iron.
I'm allergic to mascara.
And all bell peppers.
And ranch dressing.
And broccoli.
And Avocados.
(Please go enjoy some guacamole for me!)
Each of those allergies are gifts from my pregnancies...well, not the mascara. I'm just high-maintenance. I'm immensely blessed to be surrounded by a great community of friends.
I'm a terrible dancer...but I love to dance anyway.
I laugh obnoxiously.
I'm very good at putting my foot in my mouth.
I love meeting new people and learning their stories.
I never liked coffee until I became perpetually sleep-deprived...aka "Mama"

Welcome to my spot on the internet. I hope to see you again soon!


  1. Hi Britney,

    What a fantastic brood you have there. Love love love these family photos and your intro is just downright fun! Our family features 3 boys and 1 girl so we're kinda the same but not... lol. So glad to have met you and look forward to following your spot on the internet.

    xoxo Pauline

  2. Hi Whitney! I had a question for you about possibly collaborating on something and was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks so much!

    - Emma

    emmabanks9 (at) gmail (dot) com

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  4. Hi, my name is Gregory Palumbo, I'm a Juilliard trained pianist and composer and I'm hoping you can help me.

    I've been playing piano for Mass at my parish for the last two years. This Lent, I decided for my Devotion to arrange and record a Liturgical piece of music every day for Lent. (I also gave up sugar, but I'm not writing you about that :)

    I've posted my pieces daily since Lent began three weeks ago ... haven't missed a day. I have received such amazing comments and feedback, that I'd like to share it with more people than I have access to, because I feel that music is a great way to spread God’s word, and it’s my particular talent He gave me.

    That's why I'm writing to you, I see you have a Christian Blog, and I thought I would ask if you would be willing to share this with your audience. Here is a link:


    There are about 24 of them so far, if you're interested in sharing this with your readers I'll send you a complete list.

    Thank you and Peace be with you!

    Gregory Palumbo


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!