Monday, September 26, 2011

...And Jumping Bean Makes 4!

(Supposed to post 9/25/11....oh well.)

My Dear Jumping Bean,

Today marks 4 years of you being on this earth.
Meeting Jumping Bean
It has been but a blink. 

Just moments ago, your daddy and I were jumping up and down for joy at the plus sign on an EPT...we had no idea at the immense joy your creation would bring to our lives.

1 Week Old
I was so happy when I found out you were growing in my  belly - partially because it meant I wasn't going crazy, but mainly because I couldn't wait to see what little person you would be.

Turning 1!
Through your incubation we got a picture into who you would be.....
...we knew you would be feisty because when we touched my tummy, you would kick/punch us away.
...we knew you would be a prankster when you caused me to react to broccoli (?!) at my first ever dining out during Daddy's time in OCS, and I had to run out  - without permission - to throw up!
...we knew you would function on your own time table when I couldn't make it from the car to the doctor's office and ended up throwing up in the parking lot planter.

Turning 2

Oh my sweet girl. 
You are your own chick. 
You hear a different beat. 


I love your incessant movement, 
your boisterous chatter, 
your passion for life, 
your zest for adventure, 
your inability to quit, 
your desire to compete, 
your glorious hugs, 
your sweet kisses, 
your constant singing, 
and your two modes of living - 100mph or sleeping. 

I love you. 

Your blonde hair. Your blue eyes. Your wide smile.

You are beautiful.
Turning 3

I wish you had a better mommy. One who always remembered what a treasure and gift you are. One who understood what you need and when you need it.  I know sometimes it is hard for you to be our middle girl - sandwiched between and sometimes overlooked. But you are NOT overlooked. You are always loved.
You are loved to infinity and beyond.

You are loved because you are YOU.

Turning 4!

I don't want you to be your sisters. Or your friends. Or anybody else.  
I want you to be YOU - the you that is specially made to glorify God as only you can. 

There are people who may try to change who you are - steal your zest, your movement, your vivaciousness, your laughter - DON'T ever let them! Know that you have 5 people always in your corner loving you just the way you are.

I love you my jumpy girl.

Happy Birthday,


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Thursday, September 8, 2011


It wasn't pretty.

It wasn't easy.

It wasn't exceptionally fun.

But I did it anyway.

I experienced a moment of clarity around mile 6 -  
Hey! This is actually a good time! I'm totally AWESOME!

And then I experienced numerous moments of -
Hey. This....totally....hurts....I....didn't....train....enough. 

I thought I would throw up. I was quite dizzy at mile 11.

I wanted to punch My Love in the face at mile 10...and 11....and 12....and 13. 
But that would have taken too much energy.

But I did it.
This past weekend I ran a half marathon - 13.1 miles.
I ran my FIRST half marathon - 13.1 miles - 3 years after I started running.
I ran my first half marathon - 13.1 miles - 3 years after I started running, 8 months after the birth of my 4th child.

 I did it in 2 hours and 27 minutes....and I am ridiculously proud of myself.

I am mama, see me run!
****I have pictures....they are supposed to be in this post....but my computer thingy won't communicate with my external hard drive thingy....this is why everything should just convert to Apple. Seriously.******
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Friday, September 2, 2011

The WHY...

Well, if you didn't hear the big news...we are now a homeschooling family! Since my post regarding the decision only stated the decision and NOT the rationale, I thought you might want some insight into why we concluded home schooling would be the best fit for our family.

At least this year!

Disclaimer: I am NOT  saying we have made the right decision for all humanity.  This is the decision we have come to for OUR family - and these are our reasons why.  Home schooling is not for everyone - it wasn't for me last year!  These reasons hopefully will spark talks or thoughts - but they are not a judgement on someone who has chosen differently.


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out a light-hearted, back-handed-funny way to outline our reasons. So this is gonna be a bit of a departure.. . bear with me!
There were numerous little reasons - but two primary issues that swayed us to the side of home schooling.

1. The pervasiveness of Post-modern thought.
Basically, the postmodern world view claims reality is not fixed or determined. There are no absolutes - there is no sure truth, because all things are relative to each individual's viewpoint or life experience. 

As a Christian family seeking to follow the Truth of the Bible - postmodernism is completely opposed to how we view the world. 
Being exposed to different things and other world views is definitely a good thing. 

However, we determined that 6 years old was a little young to have the majority of your time spent in a setting oppositely aligned with our stated family goals.

2. 40 hours a week is a lot of time
I know modern American culture thinks nothing of our young children going off to their "job" of school for 40 hours a homework. But it was just too much for us! We would miss her terribly. Being an active duty military family also played a role in the "time" issue - sometimes My Love is gone during breaks in school and home when school is in session. We want to capitalize on our time together, so the flexibility afforded by homeschooling is a huge benefit.

Some other reasons were logistical - 

3. Where to fit the extra-curricular stuff
It is very important to us that the beans have a solid foundation in music. So, where do we fit piano/music lessons in the schedule? And what about dance or sports? When do we get to have time together as a family? The tailored schedule of home schooling became both highly attractive, and made some of our other goals more feasible.

You put all those things together and we did not think we would be able to maintain the stability and consistency we would like with a traditional school setting. Home schooling should allow us the flexibility to move, travel with My Love, and participate in extra-curriculars that would have been impossible otherwise.

I say "should" because we haven't done it yet! 
I'll let you know how/if it actually worked. 

I guess that pretty much sums it up! Not funny. Not heart-wrenching. Just basic. 

And that's a wrap.

(Soon I'll write a post on the "how" and the "where" because those are the next questions I get!)  :)

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Dear Girl....

Dear String Bean,
6th birthday

Yesterday marked 6 years of being a mommy.

Your mommy. I had no idea when I first saw a plus sign (well, 5 plus signs) what amazing joy and exhausting hurt would come from this title and position.
33 weeks along

In these 6 years you have taught me so much more than I have taught you...

Because of you, I've learned what it means to fully rely on someone.
Because of you, I've learned that I don't know it all - by a long shot.
Because of you, I started to comprehend how little sleep a person really needs to function.
You've forced me to learn how to schedule.
I am better woman, a better wife, a better daughter, a better friend - because of you.
4th birthday

I LOVE YOU my little String Bean. I am so sorry for the hurts you have borne because of me.
5th birthday

Your tender heart has been bruised by my careless words.
5th birthday

I am full of regret for believing the lie that I could "over-hold" you as an infant. I wish I could go back and re-do those days and nights where I just desperately wanted a minute to myself.

You have always been treasured and loved! 

From the very first shock of your existence to this very second.

Happy 6th birthday to a girl I am fortunate enough to call daughter.


Your Mama

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