Friday, July 29, 2011

On Growing Up.....

String Bean informed us of her career aspirations recently, and they were quite a picture in her personality:

A Doctor
A Policeman
A Fireman

Basically - my girl wants to help humanity...and tell people what to do.
Can't really blame her, she's a carbon-copy of her mama.

Jumping Bean decided to also inform us of what she wants to be when she grows up:

A Colorful, Magical, Rainbow

Insert belly laugh from parents and adorable smile from the girl.

I don't really know what to make of that one - but I intend to not forget it!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Commissary Fun

The strong-willed child....also known as - every-child-I-have-birthed.

Well, Boy Bean hasn't show-cased his strong will yet; but since I know his parents quite well, I am certain he will not be compliant.


Today we had the treat of the "light commissary day" - we alternate between "big" and "light" days at the commissary. On "big commissary day" we have to drive *GASP* and creatively load the cart to full capacity. Soon - Very VERY soon - we will be a 2 cart family. Crazy.


"Light Commissary Day" means we walk to the store.  I push Boy Bean in the double stroller and load up the other side until I need more room.  Then, out comes the Snugli baby carrier!  Boy hops in, the three girls follow the train, and I push the double with all our groceries. I LOVE living so close to the store!!

So, that is what we were up to today.  Normally it is a fun trip and the children are all fabulous.

Really, they are normally great!  
They love to go to the commissary and get their cookie and help me treasure hunt for the items on our list.  If they are good - they get to pick which shape of pretzel we bring home.  
I indulge them, I know. ;)

Unfortunately, today wasn't a completely normal day.

As in - it was great! Fabulous! Wonderful! 
No awkward-random-stranger encounters, only nice faces for me and my tribe, happy attitudes from all Beans, no whining, quick obedience, and listening ears were tuned to Mommy.

It was beautiful.

And then the wind changed. In a moment.  
The moment I picked up the LAST item on our list. 

And suddenly I'm stuck in the clearance corner with a loaded double stroller, a happy boy kicking his toes at my thighs, a singing-skipping-Jumping -Bean, an obedient-String-Bean-retying-her-shoe, and a Bitty Bean emitting shrill-ear-piercing-cries-as-she-kicks-and-screams-on-the-floor.

Oh how I wanted to crawl into a corner and have someone else claim the screaming-spawn as their own.

Why, oh why, was my sweet little 2 year old deciding to scream so hard I saw blood vessels pop on her face? Because she wanted me to hold her.
And I couldn't.

I tried to get her to calm down....although the older woman who suddenly joined me in the clearance corner did not think so. I heard enough "my, my" and tongue-clicking and teeth-sucking to be plenty aware that she thought I was handling it wrong. 
By the way - teeth sucking? Most annoying sound ever. Drives me crazy. And I am the mother of four young children - I am FLUENT in annoying sounds.

Oh well.

These moments are really moments I hate. The moments where you have to stick to your guns and be consistent no matter how embarrassed you are, or you will PAY later.

So, I picked up the screaming-writhing-ball-of-anger and carried her sideways under my arm....the length of the commissary.... so we could have our standoff in the bathroom.  Bitty Bean was trying to kick me (hence the side carry - much weaker kicks!), Boy Bean was giggling from the bouncy speed walk, I was pushing the loaded double-stroller with one hand, Jumping Bean was skipping behind me, and String Bean was covering her head in shame taking up the rear.

Unfortunately, the handicap stall was occupied.  Which meant the two eldest Beans followed protocol - they stood outside the small stall and sang quietly - so I know exactly where they are! - while Bitty Bean, Boy Bean, and I, had a pow-wow.

5 minutes later - all was solved.

So I thought.

We collected the stroller....unloaded all the stroller....and Bitty Bean decided to try round 2 of The-melt-down-of-the-century.

Moments like that I always have to say to myself - out loud - "I am more stubborn than you can dream of being." Somehow it helps me win the standoff.

We parked our paid-for groceries outside the bathroom and - HALLELUJAH! - the handicap stall was open!!!!

In we all piled.

For 45 minutes. FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. 45 minutes!!!!!

Bitty Bean would not stop crying, screaming, and pitching a fit. All she wanted was for me to carry her. I know that is not a horrible request. But it was an UNREASONABLE request. There was no way that I could carry her home and push the groceries.

So for 45 minutes we parked in the bathroom at the commissary. With timed intervals of discipline occurring. 

I am sure I sounded crazy - because at one point Bitty Bean was screaming in Boy Bean's ear while laying her head on my shoulder and Boy Bean's cries entered the ruckus and Jumping Bean smacked her hand on the toilet and joined the cacophony of sobs and String Bean was singing an operatic rendition of "You are my Sunshine" and I started laughing maniacally.

I mean, really, what else could I do???

Bitty Bean finally caved. She found her happy attitude and decided obedience was a good decision.

We all streamed out of the stall and realized both of the other stalls were full and there was a line out the door  waiting for the toilet.

Oh well. Public embarrassment is just a part of parenthood. Right? Right?!  

Don't worry Bitty Bean.  I'll have my turn when you are about 15. I'm plotting my revenge already.....

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