Thursday, August 18, 2011

Developing My Palate....

So here's the deal. I like food. A LOT.

I like dark chocolate. 
And fruit.
 And chicken salad. 
And chips and salsa. 
And brussels sprouts. 
And cilantro. 
And coffee. 
And chai.
 And every-salad-Shannon-has-ever-made.
 I like crab. 
And lobster. 
And borscht. 
And moo-shu pork.

And, apparently, I like crow.

Yep, I have been making it a habit to eat crow on a regular basis.

See, my problem is this:
I talk WAAAAAAY too much. AND, I'm slightly opinionated.
(Okay, really opinionated - you lover of accuracy!)
So, if I like something - think something is great - thoroughly enjoy are gonna know it.

Unfortunately, the flip-side is true too. 
Which is no big deal....except when I exert my female-right to change my mind. 

Then problems arise....and I typically get a large serving of crow.

Recently, I've been getting more than my usual serving because we made a BIG decision. A large, life decision. A decision I said I WOULD NEVER MAKE. In fact, I've been exceptionally vocal about NOT wanting this particular route in the past.

And yet, here I am. Excited. Thrilled! And extremely happy to have arrived at this conclusion.

What decision could I be alluding to?

It deals with how we will be educating our beans. (At least this year!)

I have joined the ranks of homeschooling mamas. 

Please pick your mouth up off the floor.

After much prayer, thought, deliberation, numerous lists, and sleepless nights.....we have decided to homeschool String Bean (first grade) and Jumping Bean (pre-K/Kindergarten).

(I'd be happy to outline our reasons/rationale if you are interested)

Just be sure to keep my plate warm....I've a feeling I'm not done eating yet!

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  1. I can't tell you how many homeschool moms told me, "I could NEVER do that!" THAT particular piece of crow is eaten by many, perhaps even the majority of homeschoolers. Not that everyone has to homeschool, since God leads different people to do different things, but I don't think you'll regret this decision. (In the long run, that is. There may be days when you question it. But when I had those days, God always confirmed to me, that I was doing what He wanted me to do.) I'm sure you'll do great. Just do your best and trust God with the results. Linda

  2. Would love to hear your reasons as we're still in that debate season of life regarding school! =)

  3. I have learned that when I say "never" the Lord always had different plans for me. I think this is great news! just had to giggle though :)


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!