Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Truth

Here's the deal...

I'm just not feeling funny. Or pensive. Or creative. Or...pretty much anything. And I think my blog is suffering.

Perhaps it is due to the wicked heartburn that lights my throat on fire whenever I sit in the computer chair. Or the fact that if I sit with my feet not elevated - they swell to amazing sizes. It could even be that I'm just running out things to say....

Nope. That last one is Definitely NOT it.

Well, whatever "it" seems to have me and my writing by strangle hold.

So - instead of a funny....or a teary...or a thought provoking post....I'm just gonna be me for a second. 

Inhale. Exhale. Here it goes:




There. I said it. And I feel about a million times better.

Now - I'm not saying that because I'm secretly Wonder Woman....I'm saying it because things on my master "To Do" list - are ACTUALLY getting accomplished. On time. Ahead of time even! 

What a phenomenally strange feeling. 

My Christmas gifts are coming along nicely. The (what feels like) 8 million baby gifts are coming together. The house is not falling apart. My various organization goals are being met. My children are surviving every day....despite their best efforts. AND McDonalds's...which is just one block away....does NOT know me by name! 

Think I might be the most excited about the McDonald's thing. I always want to cop-out and not cook when My Love is away.

So even though there are moments in my day that make me want to scream...something my neighbors can definitely attest to!....overall life is moving along just swimmingly.

Since the Bible says to "Give thanks in all things"....that is what I am doing! Thank the Lord for the energy to get through each day.  For the various goals that He's allowing me to meet. For safety. For shelter. For great support.

And that is the deal. 

Copyright 2010


  1. I think you're awesome too!!! I think that with pretty much every post you write, but this is the perfect chance to say it. And about the McDonald' should be excited. I have a 5 year old happy meal on top of my fridge. Yes, on top of, not it. And it never molded or attracted bugs or did anything that real food should do if left out in the open for 5 years. I'm just saying... :)

  2. all I have to say is....why????? :)
    and thanks!

  3. Whit:we Allhave to take pause and remind ourselves to live in the moment and not wish our life away. I know the moments where you can't wait for the kids to be able to go to the bathroom on their own, get in the car by themselves,feed, bathe, do homework by themselves so you aren't constantly being pulled in a vast number a directions. One day you will wake up a look back and long to be needed for those things. You wonder how did time go by so fast. You are grateful for all those times and will even long to have a nice piece of poop floating in your bathtub that isn't yours. Because the worst thing to happen is to be in the bath and realize that poop is yours! That is truly the day I am dreading. Love you!

  4. Why? Because it's a great prop for health/nutrition talks. Kind of gets people thinking about the "food" they are eating.


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!