Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Losing my mind....

Well, its official. I've lost my mind.

Proof? Oh, I have proof - see yesterday's post...or keep reading.

This morning in the shower as I was planning out the meals for the hit me. I went to the Commissary yesterday, filled out the deli counter order, continued through the store finishing my list....and never returned for my deli meat.

Yep. My honey maple turkey and provolone cheese were sliced, bagged, and left. And it didn't even register until 24 hours later. 

Not enough evidence of losing it?

On the way to drop String Bean at school, my car was randomly selected for a vehicle search by the base police.


So I handed them all the stuff they out of the car...and waited for them to check everything.  (They were very nice - just doing their job - so no annoyance with them) Meanwhile, String Bean starts sobbing. Wailing, in fact.


Because she thought they were going to take her mother to jail. And how on earth would she get to school then???

Once they completed the search, I climbed back in, reversed out of the holding area, and realized - I wasn't wearing a seat belt. I had my Suburban  surrounded by police officers...and no seat belt in a moving vehicle. Apparently, I am so used to getting tickets - I try to get them if it looks like I won't. 

Then, after dropping String Bean at school; Jumping Bean, Bitty Bean, and I hung out with a friend talking in the parking lot.  I buckled my beans in...closed their door...and went to open my door.

I couldn't. 

It was locked. 

With my keys, cell phone, and ID, INSIDE.


Jumping Bean sat there in her seat trying to unlock the tapping on the window. (She has since been educated on what "push the lock button" actually means.) Finally, as my friend drove off to go to my house to get my spare keys...Jumping Bean flipped the lock.

I immediately jumped in the car and grabbed my phone to call my friend so she wouldn't waste her time.  Then I realized...her number isn't in my phone. It is in my planner...sitting on the kitchen counter.

And that is why I am losing my mind.

I have a tan Suburban with Escambia plates...if you ever see me wandering in a parking lot...could you please direct me to my vehicle???

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  1. You're amazing! Don't worry it is just this week, next week will be different! It always is!

  2. thanks for the encouragement....I just find I have to roll with the punches...and splurge on a coffee every now and again. ;)

  3. Is it wrong for me to laugh??? Sounds like stuff I would do - but my excuse is AGE!!!

  4. histerical!!! Well, do you believe in Karma? I might... as I was laughing about your mind losing day, I see Jonathan perfectly content by deliberately pouring his cereal bowl all over him, my clean kitchen floor, and his mother. looks like i might have one of those days...


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!