Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cocoa Bean Moments....

Well, I know I just posted a Cocoa Bean Moment, like, yesterday...but another one happened today!! Go figure.

First - confession: (It's good for the soul, right?) I've been sleeping in. I have been ignoring my alarm clock for about 5 days now...and it is great!!! I fully intend to go back to my early rising ways soon...but at the moment this boy bean won't let me go to sleep until 11....so I sleep until 7. Ah. Happiness.

Second - the moment. This morning (since I was lazy) I woke up to 3 little faces by my bedside.

Beautiful faces. Best way EVER to wake up. Anyway...they were not so very happy when they stumbled into my room. All three were wearing very sad faces...and String Bean was even on the edge of tears. They all asked  if they could snuggle bug with me...and, of course, I said yes. Then began the discussion of why they were sad....

They all missed Daddy.

String Bean was hugging her Daddy pillow...Jumping Bean was clinging to her Daddy blankie...
The first thing String Bean said was "Can this be the day Daddy comes home?"
Jumping Bean said "I know he loves us far far away...but can he love us here too?"
And Bitty Bean kept saying "Daddy! Daddy!" and looking for him. 

Broke my heart.

So, as I always do when we face the sadness, we talked about what we miss about Daddy. 

Here is what they miss...



String Bean doesn't miss spankings.


Jumping Bean doesn't miss his stinky toots.

And I laughed. Oh, I laughed until my sides hurt. And my day started beautifully. Full of cuddles, tears, laughter, and moments that cannot be recreated. 
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