Monday, September 27, 2010

Wonderful, spectacular news...

Today some wonderful news was shared with me. A scientific breakthrough has occurred that will deeply impact my life. What could this good news be?
Is it that they have found a way to make pregnancy not cause your back, hips, and legs, ache?  
Is it a cure that causes children to time their wake-ups with your need to answer nature's call so you wake up less? 
Is it some new thing that makes children NOT desperately need their mother as soon as she takes a shower? Perhaps it is a self-cleaning house! 
Or dinner that makes itself! 
Or a diaper bag that automatically re-stocks itself! 


Although pretty much ANY of those WOULD shake my world upside down!

The news was this:  The magic eraser has a product for the BATHROOM!!!!

Now, that may not seem like news worthy of exclamation points and boldface type...which means you don't know me well at all. Cleaning the bathroom....especially the shower and the bane of my existence. I hate it.  Truly. I think an outdoor shower is a worthwhile can clean that with a hose!

Early in our marriage, My Love became aware of my deep disdain for cleaning the bathroom. Most would assume that my husband wouldn't care - probably didn't even see it getting messy. Oh no. Not my new husband.  This man I love likes things CLEAN.  He was trained exceptionally well by the Pennsylvania Dutch on the fine art of cleanliness and for some-unknown-reason thought I would be a neat-nick too. 

I was reared in a very clean family - he had assumed I held to the same standards. He was wrong.

So now, almost-7-years-in, I have finally found a tool that might help this particular domestic dilemma be solved. Thank you, Magic Eraser for helping my marriage! 

Now, if someone would just work on any of the invention ideas I had at the top of this...

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