Sunday, September 26, 2010

Schedule? What Schedule?

Ah, the joy of being a Naval Aviator's wife. When My Love is home....I pretty much have no idea when he will be home.  We find out his schedule after 4 pm...the day before.
A common conversation goes like this: "Can we come to dinner on Thursday? Well, I think so. But I'll know for sure Wednesday night. Hopefully by 6. Maybe. How much notice do you need?"

I've found if someone can't be "Semper Gumbi," we probably won't get along very well. 

Perhaps its because we've....

I always say "we" or "us" in reference to the Navy...even though just his name is on the dotted line - and he alone is technically property of the US Government....I feel it is a joint career.


Perhaps its because we've been in training commands for the past 3 years. Maybe that is not what the operational world is like. But I don't think so. It seems pretty constant the Navy likes to keep you on your toes about....pretty much everything.  Maybe that is an aspect of why military spouses become such close friends.

They understand communication with the outside world will dwindle to where you check the paper for news about a friend's life if the active duty person is home for a brief moment.

They understand you will periodically go crazy.

They understand "schedule" is always in pencil...unless there is a can't-miss-this-event-thing coming up...then you can pretty much bank on the active duty member being suddenly called up for watch. Or deployed. Or training.  

I think it is another Murphy's Law....Military version.

Now with My Love deployed...I am getting spoiled. I can make a schedule and keep it! I can commit to things and KNOW I'll be there. With more than 24 hours notice.

Wait. That's not true....the 3 beans like to randomly get sick. Or lose shoes. Or explode poop.

Better put the pen far, far, away from my looks like I'll be writing in pencil for many years to come.

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  1. That is why I like to add "Lord willing" at the end of my statements!

  2. uh, husband is not in the military, and "Lord willing" definitely applies to us too! Construction/side work is the same way. I can't count on him for too much, at least not in advance. Ce la vie! It keeps life interesting and on the edge. Who has time to plan dinner parties anyway:-)


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