Monday, September 13, 2010

Love Letters

My Love is now away. But he did the the most romantic thing - ever - before he left. He left secret notes throughout the house. Little bits of paper that communicate his love for me....and reduce me to tears.
(I'm pregnant and exhausted....I cry. Often.)

The morning after he left I was cleaning off our dresser, and a note fell on the floor. There was another under my Bible. One in Chilly Bean's drawer. One in my drawer. One in my makeup bag. One waiting for me in the pocket of the dress I would wear as a bridesmaid. One on the kitchen counter under my planner.

(I wonder if that was just his fantastic way of getting me to clean the house?? Now I'm hunting everywhere for more notes!)

They have been like little kisses waiting for me all over the house.

Yep. He's a keeper.

In preparation for this deployment, I pulled out our box of love letters.

(I'm extremely creative as you can tell. I'm also very conscious about the environment, which is why I used the box his boots came in as our special box. I even took the time to label it...with masking tape.)

I sat cross-legged on the bed and read through a brief history of our love, while My Love packed his sea bag. Again.

(Aside from our first four months of marriage...My Love's name has had US NAVY attached.)

We reminisced about our dates; our moments that would only be meaningful to us; and our thoughts when writing the words on the page. We laughed at our starry-eyed naivete about all things Navy.  We remembered exactly what it is we love about each other. Yet, in those youthful letters, I was struck with a wonderful realization...

I am incredibly smart.

Oh yes. I went there.

I saw past the amazing hair, the job at the coffee shop, and the inability to dance.  I saw the man that ran away with my heart...flipped my world upside down...and changed my life completely...for the better.  A man with great hair, a fantastic smile, and an easy laugh.  The only man for me. 

So, while the little notes throughout the house are nice (utterly romantic, in fact!), the more important thing is the Man behind the Notes.  The man I love. The man oh-so-much-better than my dreams.

(And yes, he really did have hair at one time!!)

Me and My Love in the dark ages. (Dating)

Copyright 2010


  1. I vote that we get to see more pictures in the dark ages! Yes, while J is away let us reminisce!

  2. Whitney this is just the sweetest thing ever! We are HUGE fans of love letters at our house and I get so happy when I see other couples that love each other so beautifully! You definitely have a wonderful husband!!!!!

  3. there will definitely be some "memory posts" while he is gone. :)
    great hubbies are the best! :)

  4. super sweet!! Love that pic with his hair...y'all look so young (which is NOT to say you look old now, at all:-) I wonder if you've found them all or if one will pop up in an unexpected place when you really need it!

  5. Darla - Its funny you should say that about the notes popping up.....I've now found like 15 PLUS 3 that were discovered today!!! It is great fun! :)

  6. I love you both so much and now I love you even more!! Jonathan just got a LOT of bonus points from me. Great job with the notes!! See ya soon!


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