Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Marches ON.....

So Saturday was Jumping Bean's THIRD BIRTHDAY. Yep. That is just amazing to me!!  
Jumping Bean on her birthday

It seems like only yesterday I was making the staff at Pensacola Naval Hospital (and My Love) HIGHLY annoyed with 3 false alarms for labor. Apparently, I'm a slow learner.
Could it really be 3 whole years since I was hiding in the pool of our apartment complex in Pensacola, FL, praying for relief from the 3000 degree heat?

I have NEVER been so hot as I was that summer. I was in my third trimester when we moved to the panhandle of Florida...apparently they literally FRY the panhandle. I am pretty sure there is no place as miserably hot as that area is in August and September.  Of course it didn't help I had an electric blanket - on high - affixed to my abdomen. I saw no point in wearing anything other than my maternity swimsuit...there were days I would be IN the pool, up to my chin, with my hair wet, and my FACE would be sweating. 

But I digress.

When our beans turn 3 they hit a HUGE milestone...the no-more-paci-cause-you-are-a-big-kid-now milestone.  We talk it up for months beforehand. On their actual birthday, we collect ALL pacifiers, place them in an envelope or box, and mail them off...to LITTLE children that need them. We followed this practice on Saturday. No tears where shed. No wailing. No Gnashing of teeth. It was surprisingly easy and painless. 


Until Bed Time. Yep. The actual moment where that little blond head hit the pillow without a pink paci to suck on...was utter and complete awfulness. Jumping Bean knew there would be no more pacis...she is a big girl now! But the realization of what that meant...it was not a good minute. 

Or 2. 

Or 10.

So, I did the very-good-mommy-thing...I shut the door...walked into my own room...and set a timer to check on her in 10 minutes if she was still freaking out.  

Poor String Bean. (They share a room.) When my timer went off...and she was still sniffling and making forlorn noises in the general direction of our mailbox....

I don't know that for sure - the door was closed - but I can guess pretty accurately...which, actually, is what most of mothering is anyway!

I went to their room to try to help Jumping Bean realize the exciting day this was! She had crossed a thresh hold into "Big Girl Land" and there was no going back! But I was foiled in giving any eloquent speeches or comforting hugs...by String Bean. 

As I opened the door to their room...I saw String Bean snuggled in bed with Jumping Bean; hugging her and saying, "Its okay Beana. You will be alright." Then I noticed what Jumping Bean was hugging in her arms. String Bean had given Jumping Bean HER Daddy pillow. Then the words I had heard her say when I stood outside their room suddenly made sense...

"Daddy's proud of you! Just hug him and he'll help you sleep just fine."

In Jumping Bean's great distress, String Bean had given her greatest possession. And Jumping Bean was able to sleep...

Then I hugged and kissed my girls...said goodnight once more...went to my room....and fell to pieces.

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  1. How sweet!!! Of course, I cried. I cry extremely easily...which is why I opted not to further my education in psychology to be a counselor. haha I do love reading your blogs every day. Thanks for keeping me entertained! Praying for you all.

  2. Steph - I cry easily too! thanks for the encouragement about the posts....I enjoy writing them. :) Thank you for the prayers!!! We need 'em.

  3. I cried... but I've come to expect that with your sweet little brood. :) If I ever have the pleasure to meet them, I would probably scare them all to death by scooping them up and crying some more! LOL!

  4. Such sweet, tenderhearted girls you have. Your a great Mama!

  5. thanks for your encouragement ladies!! I really don't mean to make everybody cry! Promise. But they have just been exceptionally sweet lately. :) gonna enjoy it while it lasts. hahaha!

  6. Oh Whitney, I was not expecting that! What a lovely end to the story. I cried too but don't feel sorry. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  7. just now reading this and of course i was all ready in the crying mood. how wonderfully sweet! love you and the beanies!

  8. teresa - we must hang out. you are in a crying mood almost as much as I am!! hahaha!
    karla and Jill- I LOVE your blogs! Keep it up. :) (And feel free to promo on my blog anytime.)


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