Saturday, September 25, 2010

Whouda thought....

"...We'd have a black son before we knew a Democrat?"
(The Blind Side)

Might be one of the best movie lines ever. Hands down.

Although, you might have to be from the South to fully appreciate that comment.  Maybe there are some good cross-cultural speakers/thinkers out there from North of the Mason-Dixon line who can speak and comprehend the South. But I highly doubt it. Perhaps every area has its own special dialect and culture...but I'm just quite partial to that of the South.

Anyway. That really has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

Whouda thought....

I'd ever try my hand at arts and crafts? Certainly NOT me!  Yet, I found myself strangely pulled (by forces beyond my control) towards my sewing basket...and an online tutorial for a "sew easy" craft.  But FIRST I stumbled across an adorable no-sew headband. And I said to myself...literally, out loud..."Whitney! You could do THAT!"  So, armed with an old t-shirt headed to the rag bin, and a pair of scissors - I. Actually. Crafted. Successfully!
Me and my no-sew headband!
While it is not extremely impressive to probably-anyone-else, it is highly impressive to me! 

I don't craft. Well, I've tried...over and over and over again....and they all end up the same way. In the trash pile. In fact that "sew easy" craft I mentioned earlier? This is what happened:
Hopeful craft...headed to the trash.

I failed miserably yet again. However, hope was not lost! I still can add the headband to my successful-craft-list...making the grand total come to....1. 

Apparently I am an eternal optimist. I look at the things other people make and I think to myself...I'm not utterly inept....(Or humble for that matter!)....surely I can sew a straight line! Or make a ruffle! Or use something other than duct tape to hem my pants!  And yet, every time, without fail...I fail. Epically

Except when I used duct tape as an in-the-clutch hem for my dress pants. That actually worked. Until I forgot there was duct tape holding my pants together and threw them in the washing machine. Then I bought new pants that were the right length. 

See? For a brief moment (prior to the head band) I had success! Woohoo! But then I destroyed it. At least the pants were completely destroyed beyond all hopes of rescuing and I landed a new pair out of the deal. Maybe I should try my hand at more of these far my failed attempt at refinishing dining room chairs ended in new chairs...a skirt for String Bean became a rag....but she still needed a skirt so off to the store we went! If doing-it-yourself is supposed to save you money....I am exceptionally bad at it.  Ah well. I can't be good at everything...right? 

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  1. you still forgot to add 3 (almost 4) "crafts" to that successful list. growing those babies is no easy feat and you have been a BIG part in creating those little beans around your house. so... give yourself some more credit.

  2. Thanks Janice! that brings my total to almost 5. :)


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