Friday, September 24, 2010

Re-organizing randomness...

So, I am in total psychotic-cleaning-rearranging-de-cluttering mode. Don't know if it is because I'm pregnant and in the "Nesting" phase....or if it is just I'm so used to moving, I can't keep a room the same for very long. We've now lived in this house for 9 whole months!

That is longer than we lived in 4 of our houses....and less than we lived in 3.  Yep, this is our 8th house in 7 years!

Which means every 6 months (or so) I get this irrational urge to change up a room...or rooms....or closet....or anything.

Except the car. I NEVER get the urge to clean the car. 
Or the bathrooms. I mean, I clean them, but I don't like having to do it. At all.

For me, going through closets, drawers, toys, cubbies...and throwing away, giving away, or re-organizing it.....brings a smile to my face.  Really. I don't have a million organizer thingys...but my shoe boxes are all put to very good use!

My super-fancy-label-maker is a roll of masking tape and a permanent marker.

I am almost done with the new configuration of the 2 rooms that have been keeping me up at night...the play/guest room, and the "big girl" room.  (All 3 girls will soon - very soon - be sharing a room.) Soon, I will post "before and after" theory. Maybe not that soon. But definitely before the end of October!

Yesterday, as I was heave-hoeing some furniture from the girl bean's room to the play/guest room...I just started laughing.

Before I go on - I wasn't doing any heavy lifting....just a lot of pushing and pulling...but I squatted low - so it was with my legs...not my back. So My Love - don't worry, I'm not trying to throw myself into labor.

My oh-so-helpful-helpers were  
String Bean....she was breathing heavy and pushing with all her might....
Jumping Bean...who just stood nearby and gave directions on what to loud as they could possibly be yelled...
Bitty Bean...who kept climbing on and off and in and out of the furniture....basically trying to figure out the most-in-the-way-location to plant her bum.

What else is a hormonal, sleep deprived, hungry, pregnant Mama gonna do?! CRY!?!?! Ha.  
So I just sat down on the floor and laughed. Until I cried. And the beans joined in. They just climbed all over and laughed and laughed....and then Jumping Bean wanted Boy Bean in on the action - so she lifted up my shirt and yelled at my getting-larger-by-the-minute-belly, "HEY! Baby! This is FUNNY!! You need to LAUGH WITH US!!!!"   Then she put her ear to my stomach...and waited. 

And I just laughed. What a wonderful day it was.

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