Friday, September 17, 2010

The Joy and Pain of Motherhood...part 2

So here's the deal. I think it is high time for a funny/lighthearted post. Here is my current attempt...

Recently, (at a friend's wedding) I was slapped in the face by one of those totally-awesome-I-must-rock-at-being-a-mom moments. (Yep, I said it. Because it is true.)

My String Bean and Jumping Bean were flower girls...I was a bridesmaid....and I was nervous as all get out that my children would behave horribly. You know, behave in a way that could win us a million dollars or something on America's Funniest Videos for their fits in the aisle...or the dress being drawn over one of their heads while standing at the front (they wore white underwear - not princess panties - specifically to ward off that behavior)....or picking their nose and wiping it on their sister's dress. But - and it is hard to say this - as much as a million dollars would be nice...I think our family honor, reputation, and friendship with the bride and groom is a bit high of a price to pay.

None of that really has anything to do with the point. It is basically just to show you that I, in fact, would need 2 million to make it worth it. 

Anyway, as my beans and I were sitting on the front row during the ceremony - String Bean to my right, Jumping Bean on my lap - I was crying.

Before you judge me - remember I had just said goodbye to My Love, hadn't slept in 3 days, was watching two dear friends declare their love for one another....and I am pregnant. (None of that really is a recipe for stoicism.) 

In my Bean's defense - Mommy randomly crying is really not news. They are quite used to it. It doesn't scare them or unnerve them; they just pat my arm, or hand, and give me a tissue.

I am really rambling.

Thankfully, they not only walked down the aisle perfectly...they stood at the front like angels! No picking of noses, no fidgeting, no freaking out. It was amazing. I knew at that moment I had arrived. I had this mom-thing down.

(Side bar - during the majority of the ceremony, the bridal party sat down in the 2nd row.)

All of a sudden during the vows - Jumping Bean turned around in my lap, cupped my face with her hands, and said "Mommy, I love you."  Then she kissed me. Highly abnormal behavior for her...utter treat for me.

Didn't really help with me getting control of myself.

Just moments after that exchange, String Bean looked up at my face with glistening eyes and whispered, "Mommy, I'm not heart is just so happy it squeezed tears out! Can I have a tissue?"  Of course, I had plenty to spare.

So, while there are moments that the pain of motherhood - the sleepless nights, the worry, the expense, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual battering - feels overwhelming and all consuming; they are (thankfully) not all you get.

There are moments of extreme joy and comfort and happiness....
Where your heart is just so happy it squeezes tears out. 

And that is the beautiful dichotomous gift that is motherhood.

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  1. love it! Gorgeous dresses too!

  2. That is so precious and made eyes see tears. My little girl (silly goose as I affectionately call her) does things to make my heart happy as a mother. I happen to be on the floor with her watching a movie and decided to see what she would do if I layed my head in her lap. After a second I looked up at her and she told me to lay down and then began brushing my hair with her hand. It was so sweet and cute. (I do this to her to get her to calm down after a long day.) Now if I lay down, anywhere, she comes over and pats my head and says, "Its ok Mommy. I make it better." Awe my heart just skips a beat. If only I had something to record all my "a ha" moments so that when I am old I can play them back. If only our memory we wouldn't lose and we could hold on to these precious moments forever for they are the treasures I want to keep far above anthing in this world!
    If I may I'll give you another instance. My parents recently got divorced and this summer my mom got remarried. Boy, needless to say I was an emotional wreck for many months. But I did go to my moms wedding and during the vows had to step out as I was about ready to burst into tears. Well, my daughter saw this and came running to me. She patted my legs and said. "Mommy, why you crying; its ok. Mommy don't cry." I get teary eyed just thinking of the precious moment. She had no clue as to why mommy even should be crying. But she wanted me to be ok. I will cherish that as long as I live!!
    Thank you for sharing all your blessed moments such as the ones today. You are soo blessed.

  3. glad you liked it. :)
    Darla - My dress is from motherhood maternity and the girls dresses are from Lands End. On the side - Lands End make REALLY nice girl clothes and they are actually modest!!! If you sign up for their emails you can get all sorts of discounts. :)

  4. Canaan! I love the way she speaks. I bet when she gets older, she will be a great writer;)


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