Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Peanut Gallery Strikes Again....

Yesterday was a great day.

The sun was shining....the Beans were happy-ish most of the day.....and I slept the night before. It was shaping up to be a red-letter day!

Then I went to the commissary.

For the record - the car-carts are the best invention ever. EVER. After dropping String Bean at school; Jumping Bean, Bitty Bean, Boy Bean, and I, all went to the commissary to have some fun.

That was said in a completely serious tone. The Beans LOVE grocery shopping! 


After placing Boy Bean in the sling and loading the girls into the car cart and instructing them to "drive safely," we stopped at the deli for the free kids cookies.

My children are just like me. You give them food and they love you. 

Therefore, I love the commissary deli...their little cookies enable me to pick out produce to the joyful murmurings of a beginning sugar high. The cookies typically last until I am almost done with the produce area....then we stop and say "hello" to the lobsters.

Yep. It is barrels of fun to shop with me.

If we do NOT say hello to the lobsters...or....heaven forbid....they are all on vacation.....we have a mini-melt-down. I really try to keep it together - but the lobsters are just so fun to figure out conversations for!


So we sang and danced and drove our way through our list. It was great fun! Children were happy and cooperative....I looked like I totally had this mom-thing down.

Except for the fact I hadn't showered yet. I mean, I wore a baseball cap and thought I looked relatively presentable....but no time for shower and make-up...yet.

We successfully made it through the store without melt-downs, potty runs, or poop explosions. So it was a really, really, good day. After checking out - with all groceries loaded on the conveyor belt by Jumping Bean and Bitty Bean - it became apparent I was due for something story-worthy to make this trip feel like any other day.

Thankfully, the bagger wanted to help the day feel normal.

She noted my three wonderfully-adorable children and said, "Three?!" 
I said, "Yep. And my oldest is in Kindergarten."

I don't really know why I always feel the need to verify my insanity...but I just don't want String Bean left out of the lineup.

This sweet older lady then said, "Oh my! HOW do you do it??"
"Well, I don't sleep very much." I said with a wink.
She then leaned in toward me....pointed her bony finger at my face....studied it carefully....and said "Oh. I can see that. You look very tired. Look at those bags under your eyes."

Apparently I looked very tired. Thank you random stranger.

If only I were still pregnant I would have come up with an ingenious line. Instead I just stood there...eeked out an "okaaaaay"....and headed to the car.

 I won't lie. I know I have bags under my eyes that I may need to check the next time I fly. I guess I'll take comfort in knowing one day I will finally get sleep.....tact is much harder to come by.

Copyright 2011


  1. You are always Beautiful! I want to go shopping with you!

  2. Amazing. I really don't see how so many people go through this life, without using the brain that the good Lord gave them.

    You are beautiful my friend and even more so WITH those bags. Because I know those bags mean that you are busy raising 4 beautiful babies in a love filled and God honoring home. Your ministry for now is your children, and you've embraced it whole heartedly... beautiful bags and all. :) Love ya.

  3. LOL "bags under my eyes that I may need to check the next time I fly." Seriously, where do you come up with these great lines!

  4. I swear I don't see the bags. I enjoyed your story, Whitney. Anytime you open up with "And then I went to the commissary" I know it is going to be something I can relate to. We should swap commissary stories sometime.

  5. industrial cottage - I'd love to shop with you too! :)
    Jill - thanks for the encouragement
    In light - I laughed out loud when I wrote that line....glad you liked it!! :)
    Karla - the commissary is ajust a great place to get stories!


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!