Friday, February 18, 2011

The Itty, Bitty Bean...

Oh, Bitty Bean. My little itty Bitty Bean.

It's a good thing she's so stinkin' cute.

 Because right now - she's exploring her all aspects of her sin nature.
She looks like a terror, right? 
This is what happens when she eats spaghetti.
It's known in our house as "insta-bath."

The little lady has suddenly decided her butt is allergic to her car seat. This translates to a great upper body workout every day as I wrangle her squirming body into the Suburban and then get her buckled into her car seat.  Not only does she writhe, kick, and scream - like a wild banshee - she has added sobbing hysterically to her "pitching a fit" repertoire. I can't imagine what the neighbors think.  It takes 12 - TWELVE - minutes for me to get my four Beans loaded in the car.....from arrival in the garage to pulling the car out. How is that possible??  String Bean buckles herself....Boy Bean is already loaded in the infant car seat.....all I have to buckle is Jumping Bean and Bitty Bean!
 It takes me almost 2x as long to load up the car - 12 minutes - as it does to drive String Bean to school - 7 minutes. And that is only IF I remember everything on my first trip out the door. Which is a pretty big "IF."

My little pensive-munchkin gave me quite the scare this week. She choked on a pretzel...while I was nursing Boy Bean - right next to her. In the time it took me to un-latch and place Boy Bean on the floor....unhook her high chair tray...unbuckle her seat clips....and get her to throw up.....she managed to scratch her face in an attempt to get the food out of her throat.

Thankfully, she is fine.

I needed to mop the kitchen anyway.

My Love is super jealous of her facial wound...he is cursed with an non-scarred face.

What lengths my poor girls have to go through to get their nails done! 

Just another boring day in my life.

Copyright 2011


  1. Poor baby. Looking forward to tomorrow. Can I say that here? hahaha;)

  2. We have good spaghetti pics at our house, too! I am so glad she's ok after the pretzel scare! Are you ok? I know what that does to the heart.

  3. Thank goodness the paramedic instincts took over and you saved her life! That is far from boring, more like Super Woman! Good job momma!!!


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