Friday, February 18, 2011

Got a Jealous Bone....

Okay. I'll admit it. I have a super strong jealous bone. I am intensely jealous of the life of another person.
I know it isn't their fault that they live an absolutely-amazing-life-filled-with-ease-and-luxury-and-sleep. But there are some days I would just really, really, like to try and suffer and in their shoes.

Who is this person who makes my jealous bone grow?

My son. 

Yep. My little Boy Bean. 

I mean - really - how wonderful would it be to live his life???

I would get dressed up in adorable outfits that were always soft and comfortable. I would not be expected to wear shoes. People would constantly tell me how cute I looked - even if I was trying to poop. Even my burps would be cute!

If I was having trouble sleeping - I would get carried around cuddled to someone I love....or I would just get to lay my head on their chest.....and they wouldn't move....for hours....because I would need my sleep.

Speaking of sleep - if I ever got cranky, people would immediately check if I was hungry, needed a change, or just tired. AND THEN - they would feed me, change me, and rock me. I would be expected to sleep for hours and hours.

People would be HAPPY as I gained weight - in fact, they would be worried if I didn't! They would ooooh and aaaah over my adorable roly-poly-thighs and double chin. Bliss.

I wouldn't wash, dry, fold, or put away my laundry. I wouldn't be expected to make my bed. My sole responsibilities would be to eat, sleep, and poop.

The only down side would be pooping on myself. 

My Boy Bean has NO idea how good he has it.

Oh well. Instead I get to clean up everybody else's poop. And kiss their little heads while they sleep. And watch them grow. And dress them. And teach them. And hug them. And kiss them. And love them.

And when that jealous bone grows....I remember - I have NO idea how good I have it.

Copyright 2011


  1. You make me laugh... "People would be HAPPY as I gained weight"

    You got a funny bone, too!

  2. Loved it! In fact I love all 5 of your most recent posts! Lol! I haven't had time to read them, so I enjoyed them all this morning with my coffee.

    You do have a way with words!

  3. I confess that I have thought similar things while hanging out with little Micah!


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