Monday, February 14, 2011

Hoppin' on the Bandwagon....

With today being Valentines day....I wanted to not hop on the bandwagon and not say anything about Love....or My Love.  
Dating in 2003

But I couldn't help myself.

Valentines Day is extra special to us because on this exact 2003....My Love and I walked by each other and lightening struck. 

I had no idea how my world would be flipped upside down and my life would be completely different because of that one moment where our eyes met. 

I know it sounds corny....but its the truth.

I met him....and that was it. 2 days after we met, we had a four-hour-long phone conversation....if you know My Love - you know that isn't normal for him.

Within two weeks I knew either he was the man for me to spend the rest of my life with....or I would be single.  I couldn't imagine anyone that could possibly be a better fit.

And eight years later....I feel the same way.
December of 2004
 I just had no idea what love entailed.....

Summer of 2008
Love is not just roses on a windshield with a love note attached.  
(Yep. He did that!)
Love is not just special picnics on a secluded mountain top. 
(That was me)
Love is not just long walks....fancy dinners...dancing in the rain....or fireworks.

Love is an act. A choice. A daily decision for selflessness.

Love is joy in the monotony.  An encouraging touch when the bottom falls out. Love is letting down your walls and your defenses and allowing someone in to those places where the deepest wounds can occur. Love is making hard decisions. Love is being another's greatest cheerleader.  Love opens you up for the greatest joys....and the greatest sorrows.  

My Love is not perfect - we are very alike in that - but he is perfect for me. 
January 2010
 This man I am blessed to share life with is exactly right for me. He is passionate and loving and opinionated and brilliant and funny and loyal and strong and adventurous and brave and tender. 
February 2010

He is the kind of man I hope our girls will find...and our son will become. 

So on this day, all I have to say....he already said in an early love note...and - even though he plagiarized - it is worth repeating:

"I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine." Song of Solomon 6:3

Copyright 2011


  1. I love your post! No pun intended. ☺

  2. Sweet Whit! I love that you love him so much. It's refreshing to see. Thanks for being honest enough to share both the good and the bad.

  3. "Love is an act. A choice. A daily decision for selflessness." So true. It's not just a "feeling" sometimes it's a choice<3 You say exactly what I would say if I was as good of a writer and as poetic as you:)


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