Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mountain climbing....

So, I'm sure I look like I live the most exciting life ever. 


I mean there is nothing quite like being a daily competitor on the diaper changing derby.

I am shockingly good with tissues and snotty noses.
I have nursed a baby...while wiping another child's dirty bum....while someone else is in time out...while dinner is cooking.
And today I get to do my most-favorite-super-mom task. I get to mountain climb...

The great Laundry Mountain. 

I would like to say this laundry was washed and dried today.... But I can't.

I would like to say that these 4 loads of laundry have been decorating my living room for only one day....But I can't.

I would like to say these laundry baskets have NOT been what we've been gathering our clean clothes from for the past 3 days....again, I cannot. 

But my main goal right now is to NOT forget any of my four beans somewhere and make sure everyone stays fed. The laundry and everything else are secondary.

So, while I have my moments where I'm pretty sure I totally have this Mom-thing down....the majority of the time the dirty laundry is procreating while I attend other tasks. 

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  1. So funny, and SO typical! I can't tell you how many times my children dressed out of the clean laundry basket--even after they were grown teens! So, give yourself some slack--it's normal, especially for those of us who had four children. Keeping up with their spiritual and emotional needs is SOOOOO much more important. Their eternal souls will NOT be hampered by a t-shirt that has oatmeal (or whatever) on it.....


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!