Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now for something Blue...

The color blue. Not an emotional-train-wreck-crying-all-over-the-place blue.


I realized this morning I had not posted anything about my Boy Bean's Beautifully Blue Airplane room. Which is really, really, not okay.

Because it is the only place laden with blue in this hothouse of females.

Let me say clearly - I am NOT yet done with the poor boy's room. That is what being the 4th born....and at Christmas!....will do to you. I mean, I'm obviously done with the parts in the pictures...but the walls are bare....and all the picture frames are filled with the girl beans' baby pictures.  Oh well. It doesn't seem that he cares.

The completed mobile

While I was hunting around the internet for airplane mobiles....I discovered 3 things:
1) They were either super tacky,
2) Totally not my style, or
3) Amazingly expensive.

Which is a recurring theme....pretty much everything I like is waaay out of the budget. 

Since - at the time - I was still pregnant and infected with an insane need to craft daily....I tried my hand at making an airplane mobile for the Boy. Despite slightly resembling a dreamcatcher...I am very pleased with how it turned out. I would do a couple things different if I ever did one again...but overall, I'm pretty happy with it!

Especially since the one I REALLY wanted was $175...when I consider this one was made for $10 and some time....I'm pretty pleased with myself!
Boy Bean's view from the crib

Since the moment I gave birth to Boy Bean....I have not been struck with the need to craft. At all.  Which is comforting. The crafting desire was very, very, frightening to me. 
However, this morning as I was taking pictures for this post....the desire struck me again! So, we'll see what else I can come up with for his room.....


My parents knew I wanted his room all airplane-y...and they found this beautiful blanket for grandson #2...

 I love the colors
I love the airplanes
and I love that it is super soft!
Courtesy of Molly Tilman over at The Industrial Cottage - I have custom bedding inspired by the blanket from Grandma and Grandpa....She is amazing!!!

Boy Bean loves his airplanes! How could he not??
They are beautiful. 
 The last airplane item in my Boy Bean's room? A gorgeous bib made especially for him by our friend Shannon! Until he actually needs to use it...I fully intend to keep it on display. :)

And there is a peek at the boy's room....hopefully by the end of the month the projects I have brewing will be complete. 

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  1. It all looks so good together! The pictures came out great. Thank you!

  2. Love it!!! That industrial cottage is good!!!;)

  3. thanks guys! i've been working on finishing the frames today :)

  4. I did see this just forgot. good job!


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