Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cocoa Bean Moment....

Well, its been a while since I documented a Cocoa Bean Moment....thats because things have changed a tad with the addition of Boy Bean.

I'm not gonna lie. Life is massively more hectic...more of a delicate dance on a high wire....with just snippets of sleep....but it is also glorious in its insanity. I didn't think anyone would appreciate the moments I've been having, because, well, they are just crazy! But, last night was a moment I couldn't pass up....

The following all was occurring simultaneously: 
Dinner was in the final moments of preparation....timers were going off;

Jumping Bean was yelling from the bathroom....she had a NEED for her mommy;

Boy Bean was cursing at me from his nap-spot on the floor....he thought he HAD to be held - or his eyeballs would pop out;

Our babies don't ACTUALLY curse....but they all have had a certain yell that sounded full of four letter words.

Bitty Bean was SCREAMING - happy screams, but still - in her high chair;

And String Bean was singing - AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS - Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms....

After pulling the food from the oven, wiping the bum, loading the man-child into the snugli, retrieving a juice from the refrigerator, and giving a hug....I sat down and laughed. 

Because REALLY - what else could I do???

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  1. Yes. What else could you do? Such is the life of mothers!

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  3. I love your wording..."glorious in its insanity". You are a wonderful blogger. And an even more wonderful mother! Oh how I remember the bum wiping stage, hehe.


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