Friday, February 25, 2011


Okay people. It is time for me to lay down some honesty for ya'. Brutal honesty. About myself.

Brace yourselves.

I really, really, really like to shop.

There. I said it. Whew.

The problem is this....I have some very good reasons for NOT shopping....

String Bean...

Jumping Bean...

Bitty Bean...

And Boy Bean.
(String Bean and Jumping Bean were all dressed up as Middle-Easterners for Missions night at AWANA....I felt left I had to get in a picture. Boy Bean pretty much has the most adorable feet ever...and I wanted a picture of them. So there.)

While they are great reasons for purchasing things...they kinda suck the fun out of browsing.  Shopping is a mission - I prep: Snacks, bathroom, drinks, diapers, feed Boy Bean, time it post-nap; I list - must know exactly what I'm looking for....and then stay on target; I get the item....and then get out.  Hopefully all of this occurs without a melt-down.

From me.

Because I like to browse. And meander. And let the clothing/decor/item speak to me.

In an effort to hinder my shopping desire - I've decided to try and re-work my girl bean's clothes....and even give mine an up-cycle shot.

You know - make something feel new...even though it isn't. If I am successful - that will mean my Jumping Bean and Bitty Bean (especially) will enjoy the hand-me-downs they are almost 100% clothed in.  Because it will be customized for them.

If I'm not will get a funny blog.

Sounds like a win-win to me!

My first attempt at up-cycling was with a pair of String Bean's pants.  She has a serious vendetta against the right knee of her pants.

Currently she has 6 pairs of pants/leggings that fit her....

4 have a hole in the right knee.

So, I took this hand-me-down dress-up dress...

(chosen primarily because it was corduroy)

and patched the knee. (Please do not closely inspect the hand-sewing. It is HORRIBLE.)

Thankfully, my 5 year old style maven didn't seem to mind the uneven stitching with two different color threads.  Oops.

I have since been made aware of some products that will help the "repair the pants project" the future repairs should look much better!

One can hope. ;)

Copyright 2011


  1. I love the jeans! good job. You can also sew ruffles around the bottom to add length as the girls get taller!

  2. There is something to help this look better? Do tell. My girls have loads od knee holes and your writing (plus Molly's) had me bust out my sewing machine (it is really Schuyler's) in an attempt to be crafty.

  3. Hand me downs are AWESOME! Take it from a girl who rocks them pretty much on a daily basis!

  4. Cute. Probably wouldn't work on boy's jeans, huh? We now have one good pair for each boy. We call them their Sunday jeans. Desperate around here.

  5. The patch job is cuuute!

    And I totally understand the insane effort it takes to shop! And we live more than an hour from shopping so the drive and planning the drive is even more of a job! The drive itself isn't quite long enough for adequate nap for the baby. Yet if we wait til nap is over and THEN leave then we're wasting our "in between nap time" and even more limited with our time before it's nap time again. In the end we drive all the way to the city only to get MAYBE a couple hours of anything done! By which point I've already lost my MIND because of the frustration of having kids along!

  6. lori....maybe make some random cargo pockets over the holes????

  7. Or us plaid flannel behind the hole on boys jeans.

  8. my friend does a weekly kiddo swap w/ another mom...u should consider that...then u'd get ur browsing least every other week...I find browsing sooo relaxing...wish I lived closer by so I could go w/ ya

  9. adorable!! I think the patch makes the jeans even cuter!! I love the new look on the blog - so glad my assistance made sense! I felt like I was typing sleep deprived gibberish! haha :)

  10. Whitney, if you want to machine sew the patches--which are darling, BTW, you can use your seam ripper in the inside leg seam, and open up that leg just far enough to get the tiny little thing over the free arm of your machine. (You DO have one, don't you?) Then, when done with the patch, turn the leg wrong side out and resew that seam. Most jeans have a french seam on the outer leg, but a plain seam on the inner leg. Easily ripped, then resewn, even with a simple machine. YVW


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