Sunday, February 20, 2011

I've lost it.

Not really. Actually, I've hardly lost any...weight that is. With my 23 pound weight gain with Boy Bean I thought it would really just disappear VERY fast this time around. (In comparison to the 55/55/35 pounds I gained with each of the girls, respectively.)

I was wrong.

My Boy Bean is now 8 weeks old....and I have lost a TOTAL from when-he-was-IN-my-belly-till-now of 10 pounds. TEN. He weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces. And ALL that water-weight....and I still have only waved goodbye to ten actual pounds.

Slightly discouraging.

On the up-side (Because there is one most of the time)....
This is my first baby born in the winter. So it gives me months before I can wear shorts or...horror-of-horrors...a swimsuit. And since I would look rather insane wearing a circa 1920's swimsuit.....I'm pretty thankful for getting to keep my body under wraps for a few more months.
I've also seen 8 1/2 inches around my abdomen disappear. Which would be super-awesome....except when you stop and consider a HUMAN BEING was inside there. Then it isn't so impressive. I mean, I had 19 1/4 inches of squirming-kick-boxing-human squashed in you'd figure my inches would drop a tad.

Which is exactly what has happened.

This all means - as usual - I will have to work to lose weight. Oh the injustice! Shouldn't the weight just fly off your post-baby body? It isn't like I'm already running around like a crazy woman trying to hold back the tide of dishes-laundry-mess that threatens to overtake our home at every turn. Nor am I being lazy and sleeping....instead, most of my waking moments are spent feeding someone in the house....and rarely is it myself. Now I get to add in to my day...somewhere...working out.  Which is fine - because I actually really enjoy fitness  - but frustrating because I don't know where it will get squished in.

Oh well. It will all come off in the end....I just would rather have my cake and eat it too. 
Chocolate preferably.

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  1. Well, that milk weight has to count for SOMETHING, right????

  2. Whitney, you remind me so much of
    myself! Oh the joys of losing that baby weight!
    I had to WORK at it every time too - 50/40/60/70/60/60!!!
    And, no! I'm not going to add that up for a grand total!

  3. hmmm... suddenly my 8 plane trips to get Tucker home don't seem so bad! haha I'm sorry - that wasn't very sympathetic. :( What I really want to tell you is that no matter what your weight is you are GORGEOUS! :)

  4. I did 60/40/70. Rawr. So as of today, I need to lose exactly...39 lbs...this will get me back to my first trimester with Kenna weight. Seriously. That is a huge number. I'm already in the depths of despair just thinking about that. (j/k, I'm getting used to my chubby face, lol :-)

  5. I am looking forward to the day I am all healed and able to at least take my little man for a walk. As of now, walking for long periods of time feels like my insides are falling out. When I'm cleared to excersize we will have to take walks together!

  6. Don't be discouraged, Whitney! You will do it! It may take a while, longer than you may like, but you know you have done it before and you can do it again.

    With both of mine it took more than a year to get the weight off and I have never gotten it ALL off. I got down to within 4 lbs. with my first.

    I bet it will start flying off once you start training for your race! You are so ambitious! You inspire me. : )'

  7. in light of the truth - you made me laugh out loud about the milk!!! I would love to know the exact weight that adds...then I could always subtract it. :)

    thanks lauren! And your 8 plane trips were hard enough...thank goodness you don't have weight on top of that. :)

    Darla - you are looking great!! Meant to ask you sunday how the challenge is going...there is a visible difference. :) It just takes so stinkin' long. :(

    Molly - walks would be great!! Or sitting and talking....or yoga in the living room....or pilates....just let me know what you feel like doing! hehe

    Meghan - thanks for the encouragement. :) I know i will get it gone - i just wish it was easier....I'm extremely lazy. ha! Maybe you should sign up for a race....they are a great motivator!

  8. Whitney, check out I burst every morning and it takes between 10-15 minutes and it is one of the BEST workouts ever!!!


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!