Friday, February 4, 2011

I got the blues...

The post-baby-body-blues.

Well, technically it isn't primarily the body...although we'll get to that is mostly the wardrobe. I'm frustrated by my clothes. Not so much by them not fitting exactly right  - even though I have a spectrum of sizes to choose from - but by how little they reflect the me-I-am-now.

Here's the deal:

I have been...pretty much.....constantly pregnant since 2005. 2005. Wow. I've been pregnant and/or nursing 51 of the 72 months since January 2005. That stat basically explains why the majority of my clothing is maternity. 

Now, I have absolutely nothing against maternity clothes. 

I mean, I actually grew quite fond of much of my maternity wardrobe...although I would love to have a celebratory bonfire for the underwear. 

But in these years that I have lived out of my maternity bin, I figured out my style.

My basic maternity clothes stayed the same since my pregnancy with String Bean....but due to extreme differences in belly size....I needed a couple new pieces each time around. During the last trimester of each pregnancy I had three options -
1) buy something new
2) borrow something new-to-me, or
3) go naked.

Since I really didn't feel like paying for therapy for the general public....I stuck with the first two options. 

Anyway, back to the style problem. Over the 4 pregnancies, I figured out what I like. What works for me and my lifestyle. The image I want to have. Unfortunately, very few of my non-pregnant clothes fit into any of those categories.

Which brings me to my body.

It is amazing how much more confidence you can have when you are pleased with how you are presenting yourself...even when the body isn't how you want it.

Or, at least, that is how I feel. 

So, this love-pot-belly of mine is really not that frustrating....except when I have to try and get dressed. Because, not only am I frustrated with the body the clothes are going on.....I'm frustrated with the clothes going on the body. 

Which isn't really the end of the world...I mean, noone will be harmed by my outfit not reflecting "me"....but my selfish/vain/shallow self would really, really enjoy my pregnancy wardrobe just re-worked for everyday.

Which would be possible if my circumference didn't increase by 25 inches with each pregnancy.

I'm not planning and going out and collecting an entire new wardrobe in a weekend....I would like to stay married to My Love....I just have to figure  out how to make what I've got, work.

Because, really, walking around naked is just NOT an option.

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  1. While I have not done the pregnancy/nursing for 5 years straight, I have the SAME issue. No I am not satisfied with my, to put it nicely, vulumptuous body, but the worst part is my no-style/convenient and half-shrunk CLOTHES! I too, know how I would like to present myself to the world, but since I am not a proud owner of a money tree, I daily dread the chore of finding something decent to wear.

    VERY relatable post!!! I give it a standing "O"!

  2. It sounds like we woke up this morning thinking about the same thing! UGGGH!!! Thanks for always making me smile.

  3. I know exactly how you feel except that I haven't done it for as long but I know it will be coming in the next five years as a plan to have more and although being a mother is amazing the clothes situation is definitely frusterating


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