Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time for a Tour....

of Boy Bean's room!

I think the pink swing we've had since Jumping Bean - a $50.00 purchase that saved our lives - really goes with the Blue Airplane room theme, don't you? 

The Pluto cross stitch was originally a gift to My Love when he was a little boy from his Aunt Karen. It is such fun to use in our own son's room now!  The Wooden Glove is also from when My Love was a boy. Hooray for history!

Lovin' the airplane from Marshalls!

The wooden shelf is also from My Love's younger years - it was made by his maternal Grandpa....the tool box was a thrift store find for $1.00.

Another thrift find for $2!  I think it is super cute.

And it appears sweet dreams can now occur....not that he was bothered by the "undone-ness" of his room....but this Mama sure was!

Copyright 2011


  1. good job. It looks great. I can't wait until the sling photo shoot tomorrow. Your cute little boy bean will be perfect. Are you still able to come?

  2. great room. love the pink. his last pic is so sweet. I wish you had put a close up of the mobile, I would like to see it. Drew is beside me singing I love Taylor she is so cute. Maybe a match could be arranged :)

  3. you did a FABULOUS job! now if only I can get a place big enough to do that for our baby #4!!

  4. Love love love it!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product in person!!!

  5. Whit - who did the pencil drawing on your blog? -- very pretty!


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