Tuesday, March 15, 2011


My life is a very delicate balance of craziness...and recently I've had quite a few people ask me how I order my days of housekeeping, blogging, child-rearing, nursing, cooking, laundry, errands, and holding the amazing-amount-of-mess-4-beans-create at bay. 

Not necessarily in that order.

So, I thought I'd explain what I *try* to stick too....

Disclaimer:  I totally don't have a corner on the market for brilliance in motherhood....but I have learned a couple things in the years I've been at this.  SO - I don't know it all. AT ALL.  
Please feel free to disagree/share your tips/laugh at my crazy. 

Some people will read this and think I'm a psychotic-clean-freak-slave-driver-who-does-not-allow-her-children-to-be-children.

Some people will read this and think I'm a waaay-too-relaxed-flexible-scheduler-who-will-not-instill-self-discipline-in-her-children.

Oh well.

First - this house cannot work if I'm the only one doing it all. So, each of my Beans....well, Boy Bean is exempt at the moment.....have jobs that are their responsibility.  Would it be faster for me to do all of these items? Probably.  But I don't think that would teach them about the work it takes to keep a household going. So, here are the things they each do...

Bitty Bean (21 months) -
1. She makes her bed....basically that means she makes sure her pillow, blankies and babies are placed on the mattress.
2. She always puts her diaper in the trash. AND she is responsible for throwing away Boy Bean's diapers if she is available.
3. She puts her dirty laundry in the basket.
4. She picks up her toys.
5. Helps unload dryer.

Jumping Bean (3 1/2) -
1. Makes Bed.  I do not expect it to be perfect - but I expect the pillow to be in the correct location, the comforter to be pulled straight-ish, and her baby and blankie to be on the bed.
2. Puts away her own clothes.
3. Puts dirty laundry in basket.
4. Picks up toys.
5. Helps unload groceries.
6. Helps load washing machine.
7. Helps change laundry to dryer.
8. Helps unload dryer.
9. Wipes down table/counter.
10. Dust.

String Bean (5 1/2) -

1. Makes Bed. I expect her comforter to be on straight and smooth.
She also is responsible for #2-10 of Jumping Bean's list.
In addition:
11. Cleans Mirror in bathroom.
12. Wipes bathroom counter.
13. Fills water bottle for school.

All girls take turns in setting the table.
They are also responsible for bringing whatever items they take OUT to the car - back IN to the house.
All 3 help in collecting the small trash bags from bathrooms/bedrooms and carrying them out to the trash bin - daily.

Second - I run my days by a scheduled-ish life. 
First thing in the morning everyone makes their beds. (Including me!) Then we all collect trash from upstairs and do a quick pick-up and put-away.
Depending on when Boy Bean needs to eat - it varies daily - the girls will get dressed before or after breakfast. (I can aid/oversee the daily dressing one-handed.)
While the Beans eat breakfast, I assemble String Bean's lunch and pull out meat for dinner, or assemble dinner (Depends on if I'm using the crock pot).
I do AT LEAST one load of laundry every day.
I vacuum one room - at least - every day.
I sweep the kitchen every day.
I work-out 3 times a week right now by doing a video (P90X or Insanity) in the living room while Boy Bean takes one of his naps. The girls LOVE to work out with me. :)
Devotions occur during the middle of the night/5am feeding.  It is the only time the house is quiet and I can concentrate.
I blog most often by one-finger-typing while nursing.
I spend about 30 minutes a week meal-planning and grocery-listing.
We work on our AWANA memory verses over breakfast.
While String Bean is at school, Boy Bean and Bitty Bean take a nap that overlaps for one hour. During that time, Jumping Bean and I work on her school things. Prior to Bitty Bean laying down, we have story time one-on-one.

Third - we run on ROUTINE!
Especially at night.  While I finish up dinner, String Bean completes her homework.
Bitty Bean and Jumping Bean are bathed together. While they are being dressed, String Bean showers. Then String Bean gets dressed, we all read our Bible story and say prayers. Then we read a special story one-on-one with each girl in opposite age order and put them to bed.

Do I accomplish all the things I desire to every single day? Nope.

But the goal list helps keep me on track and gives direction to each day.

Because, really, I'd much prefer to do nothing all day. I'm a lazy/messy person at heart.

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  1. You are so much more organized than I am! Love the new blog look!

  2. Great Job! My kids are on the SAME page as yours! and a tad bit more. You make mess you clean, I can't do it all.

  3. Rock on! :) Sounds like my day, minus the naps, insert school. :) And money seems to be a motivator for my Moira. . . Anything extra gets her $1 at the end of the week for a max of $5 extra in her pocket on top of her normal $5. Very exciting.


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