Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little Things....

So you know those little things that need-to-be-done to complete a project that just kind of hang around and annoy you like an ingrown hair on the back of your thigh?

I mean seriously, how annoying are those things?! 
You have to get into insane positions to cause pain to yourself so they don't continue to be a bother. 
 You don't know what I'm talking about? 
Well fine then. 

You lucky-no-excessive-hair-person. I probably shouldn't be blogging right now anyway.....I need to pluck something.


Those little 5 minute things that would just finish out a room or a baby book or a project, DRIVE ME CRAZY.  So, since I stuck (mostly) with one of my two New Year's resolutions last year.....1) floss everyday.....2) finish each project before I start a new one....I decided to go through the house and be sure all loose ends are tied up.

As the daughter of a dentist, you would think I would take excellent care of my teeth, right? I mean flossing and cleanings and mouthwash and.....nope. My poor father. 
I brush every day - twice! 
And have altered that resolution to flossing once a week. 
My last cleaning was in 2006. 
Mouthwash makes me gag.  
Thankfully, my Dad loves me anyway.  
I guess he can think of it the same way we think about driving a Suburban:  Job Security.

And I digress again.  Bad Whitney.

So this week I finished up some stuff that has been annoying me like....oh wait. I already told you about my hair growth issues.

BOY BEAN'S Room.  It is done. I'm just waiting on the pictures I ordered to fill his frames....and I will not be messing with the stuff in there theory. As soon as all  those are loaded with pictures of the correct child - I promise to take you on a tour of the room.  From the totally-blue-nursery-for-Boy-Bean. Should be fun!

Then I found a frame at the thrift store in my utter-bliss-Saturday-morning-solo-treasure-hunt.....
Don't you love a sale?
Poor little guy had to go. 
and turned it into this.....

a spot for my Favorite Artist's Artwork. :)
Jumping Bean -
"Look! (Holding it vertically) It's a BIRD!  And if you do THIS (Turns it horizontally) it's a GUN! BANG BANG!"

"An alligator ate the rainbow."  I love that girl.

String Bean -
(Who takes concentration on art to a whole new level.)
"Mommy, this is a rising sun over the mountains while the clouds part softly." 
 Direct quote. 
And "A rainbow resting on two dark clouds....I love how rainbows always come right after it is yucky out."

She is a warrior poet I tell you.

I've been up to other things....which I know you are dying to hear about....but I can't sit down any longer.  I need to get rid of a particularly annoying growth...and separate my eyebrow.

Copyright 2011


  1. Great blog! Artistic, humorous and full of life!

  2. I needed a laugh before I go to bed. Your blog did it! You are one talented girl! ( I mean mama Bean) :) BK

  3. i love the green frame! i turn so many things white that when i see something that bright i just get this itching to go out & pick one up at savers. it's an itching....kind of like an ingrown hair....annoying & must be taken care of ASAP!!! that is definitely inspiration for a new project to keep my boys' school projects. thank you!

  4. great job. love the solo part I need a little of that :)

  5. We saw one just like it at pier one imports! They are so cool!


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