Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mommy's Law.....

I originally posted about Mommy's Law a bit ago....but recently another one was brought to my attention.

#4 If you say you have never....then you probably will the next day.
Unfortunately, I forgot this rule and was speaking with a friend regarding my total-awesomeness...

NOT. I'm totally gonna bring that phrase back...it is often applicable

...and mentioned I had NEVER locked my keys in the car.  Well, at least since I've had children.

Jumping Bean locked the keys in the car....while inside....but I don't think that counts.

Since God really likes to showcase his sense of humor in my life.....the following story had to occur....the very day AFTER the above "I have never" statement.

I had a doctor's appointment that I thought was at 1:45. I had planned and prepped and scheduled to the nth degree to get Bitty Bean and Boy Bean their naps, Jumping Bean and Bitty Bean their lunch, and pick up String Bean from school.

Unfortunately, I had misread my calendar....about 45 times.  I've got skills.

At noon I looked at my calendar for the 46th time and realized the appointment was at ONE O'CLOCK. That is a HUGE difference.  So after a tornado in the house of getting everyone in the car and lunches thrown in bags....we picked up String Bean from school and drove to the office.

Not gonna lie, I ignored a few "speed suggestion" signs. Thankfully, no one was harmed.


We got out of the car....loaded 2 sleeping Beans in the double stroller....and locked the car.

Not until I was inside...waiting for my blood pressure to be checked...did I realize I was missing the diaper bag. AND my keys. And my cell phone. And my wallet.

So I started laughing. Hysterically.

Like only a crazy-woman-who-has-not-slept-in-5-years-because-she-had-4-children-in-5-years can laugh.

It was not pretty.

At that precise moment - they were ready to read my blood pressure.  And it was so LOW - they had to do a second reading!

I couldn't call My Love - he was flying, and the only other phone number I have memorized is my parent's. And they live 8 hours away. Not very helpful.

Thankfully, a wonderful nurse looked up the phone number for my car insurance (they have roadside assistance....I LOVE USAA!!!) and allowed me to use her cell phone.  So it all ended well.

Boy Bean and Bitty Bean had to sit in their own poop for a bit....but that is not the end of the world, right?


I've decided my next "I have never" comment should be "I have never had a day where I didn't repeat myself." I'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. Yikes! Thank heavens for nice nurses! :) We have USAA too and I love them!! Also, they always have to read my blood pressure twice because the first reading is always super low. Every single time they ask,"is your blood pressure always this low?" :)

  2. I love the way you laugh! It makes me laugh just thinking about the way you laugh! I would probably have been crying! We refer to my blood pressure around here as being "Mostly dead all day". My favorite line from Princess Bride.


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