Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Sky is Falling!!

Well, not really....but crazy things are happening because I still am sewing and crafting daily! And I'm definitely NOT pregnant. (A few people posed that question after the last crafty post)

My most recent project?

Boy Bean's glider cushions.

First, a bit of history....

This glider was purchased at a yard sale in March of 2008.  Yep. Almost 3 years ago. And for the past THREE YEARS I have hated the cushions. Abhorred them. In fact - when we bought the glider, the only caveat was that I would get to replace the cushions.....immediately.

Apparently "immediately" is defined as "almost 3 years."

Good to know.

Why did I dislike the cushions so?

Because they were dirty, aged, and purple. And an ugly purple at that. See?

I think I've clearly stated before my lack-of-skill with a sewing machine...but just to be clear...I've only recently been able to use it without having to throw out whatever I was working on.

However, I had a leftover king fitted sheet from the material pile for Boy Bean's bedding...I purchased it on clearance at Target for $3.50...and I thought why not try to make a matching cover for the glider?  I mean, it couldn't possibly look worse than it has for the past 3 years!

So, with my trusty scissors, sewing machine, and staple gun.....I sewed a completely removable slipcover for the back of the glider....and recovered the ottoman......

and it sat that way for a week! Totally tacky. But now I have finished the seat as well.....So, here's the finished product.....

I know it isn't perfect - but for practically no $$, I think it turned out well!

Even though I broke out in a cold sweat of fear each step of the way. 

Copyright 2011


  1. Way to go Whitney! I think it looks great! I have no sewing skills and have always admired others who can sew such pretty things!

  2. thank you! i just guessed my way through it....don't inspect it too closely! :)

  3. What a great idea to make it removable so you can wash it! Nothing like a good night's sleep to get your creative juices flowing!

  4. Great Job!!! You are inspiring me totally!

  5. happyrock - i finished it last weekend....when I wasn't sleeping! :)ha!!

  6. Awesome! It looks great! Now if I could get my creative juices flowing, I have several projects I have been wanting to do....
    If you can do it, then I can too!


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!