Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Commissary Day....

So, it has been a bit since I posted about a Commissary trip. The last post-worthy trip really was something that nightmares are made of.

Today was not like that day.


The children were excellent! Really. 

I looked like a parenting rock-star.

I, however, wanted to behave like a little brat complete with a kicking and screaming tantrum.

What, you ask, could motivate me to feel that way???

Car carts.

Or lack thereof.

Let me explain: car carts (carts where you can contain 2 small children while still having space for your groceries)  are absolutely AH-MAZE-ING.  They make the commissary a total blast for my children. Bitty Bean gets to be in charge of Boy Bean and share her free cookie with him; they both get to drive, honk the horn, and see all the action of where we are going. Jumping Bean and String Bean get to alternate turns placing items in the cart with twirling in the aisle.

And all is well in the world.


Except when there are NO car carts available.

Which is bound to happen sometimes because there are only 7 for the entire store. 

Now, I really am fairly understanding about there not being car carts - sometimes it is the minivan brigade in the parking lot (which now includes MY Swagger Wagon!!! Woohoo!) so I am prepared there might not be a cart available.

But here's my warned: I am about to RANT.

(I apologize in advance for offending you)

When I walk through the commissary with my 11 month old son in the regular cart, my 2 1/2 year old, 4 year old, and 6 year old daughters walking behind and around me - and see someone using a car cart for their ONE child; I get annoyed. 

I'm not really annoyed if the child is fairly young.

BUT if your child is so old they can barely fit in the car cart - I'm going to be ticked.

And I get extremely close to irationally-eye-twitching-mad when I see your ONE child....who looks close to 8 years old....PUSHING the EMPTY car cart.

It is purely because I am trying to set an example of how to behave in polite society that I don't go all crazy-mama on them and chuck a box of diapers at the adult's head.

I don't understand this thought process. It is totally fine if you have one child - I don't think everyone needs a tribe. BUT I do think you should be considerate of other people. And taking something you don't need, just to placate a child, helps no one.

The child learns selfishness and greed because they want something - so they should get it.

The parent is not wanting to tell their child no - which is absolutely terrible for all parties involved.

And there is someone coming soon behind them who actually NEEDS that cart - and can't use it and now has a much more challenging trip ahead of them.

Seriously people.

So, today, as I encountered 5 of 7 car carts loaded with one child (all at least 4 years old), and the other 2 of them being pushed by a child older than String Bean.....
I was able to address the importance of being considerate. 
Of thinking of others. 
Of not taking something you don't need, just because it is there - or free. 
Of realizing that sometimes your fun time can ruin the chance someone else has of having a need met.

That is what is wrong with this country, isn't it? 

Everybody wants what they want because they want it - without regard for others, without caring about the ramifications of selfish decisions - because the all important "I" is number one.

To that I say: Maybe you should think twice the next time you want to OCCUPY a car cart.
Some sleep-deprived mama of four might just go all crazy on you.


Copyright 2011


  1. AMEN!!!! I also get annoyed when I go to a fast food restaurant for a special, rare lunch out with the kids and the only 2 high chairs in the whole place are occupied by children way too old and big to be in them. SO hard to hold in my emotions and juggle E and all the food and such while their 5 year old sits happily playing in the high chair. Seriously??? ugh!! I feel your pain! :)

  2. Amen! Can I brag??? and win parent of the year. =). We were walking into Publix to snag a car cart which happened to have only have one left. Leona and Ali thoroughly enjoy it. But there was a 4 year old and a 2 year old that was very disappointed that I just loaded my two young ones in it.... so I gave it to them. Yup. Leona started crying and I told her it is better to share and love your neighbors. =) True story. Then she was fine. Now on to my melt down during family pictures today and my parent of the year award would be revoked.

  3. Whitney - you can use my car cart - I usually take one cause I race through the store like NASCAR. Just me, no kids. BUT THEY LOOK SO AWESOME.
    No - really, there is a huge problem in our country - and it started years ago when we were kids, when people decided that everyone was just as good as everyone else; we taught this in school, specifically in PE. How many times did/do kids get a trophy, just because they played a game, not because they won? For shame if we let kids get sad because they didn't win. Now however, EVERYONE WINS! because everyone is just as good as everyone else.

    That thinking has polluted nearly 2 full generations. We cannot let kids 'feel' sad because they are not the best at something. We cannot let their precious emotions get hurt..EVER. Remember kindergarten? "if you don't bring enough for everyone, don't bring any at all"...socialism at it's finest.

    Just because I was blessed with gum, or a pudding cup, and you weren' not my fault.

    As adults - this thinking prevails - it isn't fair that Joe there has more money than me. I want some of his money (see "Occupy Movement").

    This thinking about self, that your kids cannot do wrong, that you are the center of the universe is so prevalent, it's hard to believe that not too long ago, people cared for neighbors, helped people for no gain of their own, who gave without asking and without a tax write-off.

    But now, it's all about me, cause I am the mommy, and society says so.



Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!