Monday, November 28, 2011

A First....

Well, it happened.

I mean, we ALL knew this day was coming....I had just hoped it wouldn't be so soon.


I am NOT pregnant.

I have, however, completely lost my mind.


(Unfortunately there are no pictures - which really is quite sad once you visualize the following)

Apparently, I'm really, really, tired. 

Although, somehow I'm not tired enough to NOT write this down....hmmmm

So tired in fact, that when I was unloading the dryer at 7:30 this evening -
after decorating for Christmas, cleaning up some of that disaster, teaching school, 
dealing with obscene amounts of poop, over seeing piano practice x2, making sure all people ate today, 
reading bedtime stories, kissing and tucking in 4 little beans 
- after all of THAT....I knelt down to reach all the way into the back of the dryer, pulled out My Love's paintball pants, inhaled the Tide/Bounce combo deeply, and laid my head on the load of laundry in the basket.

And fell asleep.

For 20 minutes.

The ONLY difference between me and the woman pictured (other than stretch marks, dark circles under my eyes, non-gleaming floors, and my workout apparel for today consisting of a UCONN t-shirt and black capri sweats) was that my head was cushioned by a warm towel and a pair of gray Columbia pants.


How I wish My Love had walked in on that scene!

Perhaps I am extra tired because Boy Bean has been fighting an illness for a bit so sleep has been rather sketchy....

Maybe it is because that is just how you feel in this phase of life....

Or maybe, just maybe, I needed to nap on the laundry to be reminded to keep a Bounce in my step and to roll with the Tide. 


That's laundry humor for you.

Stay clean people.


Copyright 2011


  1. Just don't "roll with the Tide"....(football speaking!!)......but keep the BOUNCE for sure!! I got a could clear picture on that one and LOVE the vision. You are my very own personal Erma Bombeck and seem to give me a laugh just when I need one!!!!
    It is killing me that we are so close in miles but yet so far!!! SOON very SOON!!!!!
    I hate not seeing the entire family but LOVED seeing all the pictures!!! They are awesome!
    Know I love you and think of you and yours LOTS!
    Maybe we can manage a Christmas sing a-long before the years end!! Love you

  2. I wish I had a picture of that! I've had many days like that that I'm surprised it hasn't happened to me yet :)

    Hope you get some rest soon!

  3. I have so fallen asleep in weird places! Bless you heart! New follower. Check out my blog


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!