Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just like me....

Alert:  'Bout to get serious all up-in-here.

Here is ME:
Wife for 8 (HOLY COW!) years
Mama to 4 children
Works round the clock for free
Haven't finished my degree in communications
Military wife
Loves to write
Love to sing
Extreme extrovert...borderline psychotic
Like to run and exercise
Finally managed to keep a plant alive for more than 2 months...THIS year

Here is my closest friend: (that's not My Love!)
Wife for 8 years
Has her bachelors and masters....she's basically brilliant
Former active duty military
Possesses a green thumb to make Martha Stewart jealous
Amazing hostess
Excellent at serving others
Quiet personality

On paper, people would assume we would not be good friends.
She has seen the world....I've seen lots of labor and delivery rooms.
She is highly educated....I poorly managed my time in college.

But you know what?

Everybody would be wrong. Dead wrong. 

What this woman's perspective on God, life, homemaking, relationships, and femininity has added to my life is completely impossible to measure. 

For some reason our culture thinks we must be in the same phases...dealing with EXACTLY the same problems....with the same be relevant to one another.

And that is just not true.  That is post-modern thought seeping into our relationships. The idea is that someone can't walk in my shoes - but they at least need to be wearing the same style for us to connect and bond. Heaven forbid if they purchased their shoes in a different store!

I may be mephisto sandals - but that doesn't mean I can't learn from some pointy-toe-manolo blahniks. 

Basically the point of this post is - stop judging those leopard print heels....take a second to actually try them on. You just might learn something about yourself....and make an unexpected friend along the way.

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  1. I love this Whitney! So true! I wish we could all learn from each other instead of competing with each other!

  2. great thoughts Whitney! So glad you have such an inspiring friend. I have also found that we can have different types of people for friends. They all add something special to our lives! Might I add my two cents about age? I love women of all ages! From young (like Bridget & Anna) to my grandma (who was so interested in anything I had to say).

  3. sweet sweet :) i like your friend too...she's such a godly role model, and doesn't compromise...a rarity these days! .....and it would be fun to see her in leopard print heels! :) hahaa....jk ...and i'm with teresa....all makes our perspective on life more balanced and rich!

  4. Whit -
    Very very true.
    This is never more evident these days than in so many churches..."what? you're a single man 22-35? Here's a singles group"
    When - in reality, this is a time when us single people should be utilizing our time to glean wisdom from the eldership, learning from those who have been single decades ago...about life, God, worship, etc.

    I know this is a bit of a bend from the topic you started, but definitely an area that I wish there were more support. Paul told the elders of the church to go back and to teach those that do not know all they knew - why don't our Elders do the same now?
    I yearn to learn from the elders.
    The church just seems to only want to pit each person with people their age - cause..well, I've no idea why.

    That being said - I am not sure I'll try on leopard print pumps, but I could totally go for some flats. More my style. ;)


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!