Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bandwagon time.....

Sometimes, this girl (who likes to think she is unique) finds a bandwagon that is so good - so fantastic - she just has to jump on.

Which is really hard to do, because this white girl really doesn't jump.

But this idea of talking about what you are thankful for in light of Thanksgiving a really, really, good one.

So, in a nutshell, here is what I'm thankful for:  Rarely getting what I want.


This is why:

If I had gotten what I wanted for my life......
I wouldn't have married My Love, because the military was not for me.
I wouldn't have four children by the time I was 29, because I wanted longer "couple" time with My Love.
I wouldn't be in the church I'm in, because I didn't want to live on the East Coast.
I wouldn't have been present at the birth of my nephew, because I wanted to move to Japan.

(And this is just the short list!)

There is a bit of a trend....can you spot it?

Basically,  the Author of my story likes me to trust Him.


I'm very thankful for how patiently He teaches me to trust Him, to not worry,  
and to check my perspective.

Regarding perspective, my crew has been sick for quite a few days now...which means I'm not really sleeping, Boy Bean is only happy if he is cuddling me, Bitty Bean has an obscene case of whining, and Jumping Bean and String Bean are emotional volcanoes.

Good times people, good times.

Here were thoughts at the end of a day when someone was crying for NINE STRAIGHT HOURS.....
(This is loosely based on a song from the 70's? 60's? I don't really know)

I love little noisy tots
Carpets full of spots
And laundry

I love unexpected hugs
Gifts that are bugs
Clothing being tugged
And kisses

And I love you too

I love never having silence
Knowing every prince
Songs from the potty
And fingerprints

I love kissing away tears,
Praying you through fears,
Turned "on" listening ears,
And Oxiclean

And I love you too!

I love early morning cuddles
Joy at rainy puddles
Wobbly toddles
And sound machines

I love riotous laughs,
Yummy smells after bath, 
Having fun with math!
And my dishwasher

And I love you too!

What things are you thankful for? What things to you have to turn around for perspective to BE thankful for?

~ Whitney

Copyright 2011

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  1. lol. Love it. That original song is called I Love by Tom T Hall. Leave it to the country music expert to know that, haha.


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