Thursday, January 13, 2011

The see-saw of the Military...

Today is a sad day for thousands of people. 

Husbands, wives, children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, significant others, friends. 

While I just celebrated the wonderful homecoming of My Love just a few weeks ago...they are all saying goodbye. For months.

Knowing that things will change - events will be missed - milestones will be conquered - regardless of the absence of key loved ones. 

While I spent Christmas thrilled to sit next to My Love and comforted that he should be home for a long time (In military perspective!) ....they all snuggled up to their loved ones realizing the next special moment would be spent without them.

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Last picture as a family of 5

While I was relieved to know My Love would be home for the delivery of Boy Bean....there are people in recent weeks and months who have realized when their "plus sign" is born - they will be without their spouse.

Family of 6. Together. Silly. All is well.

Every countdown to a homecoming is someone else's countdown to a separation. Every joyful moment being reunited is tainted by thoughts of friends who are helping to pack a sea bag.

So, tonight, as I treasure My Love's company - I will know that there are many people acutely aware of an empty seat at their table.

To each of you - I know you can make it. It will be hard. It will be exhausting. You will be stretched and pushed to your limits. Every day you will have the opportunity to show people the strength that is required of those left behind - and I know you will do it beautifully. 

Because today, your countdown to homecoming has begun.

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  1. Really, are you trying to make me cry? Loved it! :)

  2. i never "try" to make people cry ...but it appears i make people experience whatever emotion i'm feeling when I write my posts. (I was crying as I wrote it) :)

  3. So true, so true! It is a never ending cycle to Afghanistan at Navy Hospital...You are so very happy when they return, but feel for those who are leaving because you know exactly what they are facing.


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