Monday, January 10, 2011


So the fabulous combination of post-partum hormones and constantly interrupted sleep can really lead to some amazing dreams.

They are still not to the level of weird achieved during pregnancy....but pretty close

What?! I didn't write down for posterity my crazy pregnant dreams? 

Here's a quick rundown on the absolute-hands-down-oddest-dreams-I've-ever-had:

While pregnant with String Bean I dreamt I went to the car while in labor and delivered....a litter of kittens. Ugly ones. That was disturbing to me for a couple reasons:
1) I hold cats in utter contempt. I cannot stand them. Unless they are completely outdoor animals and keep the rodent population down....maybe. 
2) I had always assumed my offspring would at least achieve a "homely" status.
But for my daughter to be born an ugly version of an animal that I hold in disdain.....that was a hard one for me to swallow.

While pregnant with Jumping Bean I dreamed....bear in mind I was starving from the moment of a plus sign until delivery....I dreamed I delivered a chocolate bar. And then ate it.  All I have to say about that is we are already saving for her therapy.

While pregnant with Bitty Bean the crazy dream did not concern delivery. (Thankfully)  It instead involved the drive home from the hospital. In the dream she was safely loaded into her car seat and had a lovely pink blanket tucked around her..... then the car seat was set on the ground next to the car as we loaded everything else in.....and then we drove off. We just left our 3rd daughter in the parking lot of the hospital and went and had lunch.  

It seems food is a recurring theme of my dreams

However, my wild and wacky dreams while pregnant with the girls were NOTHING compared to what happened in my brain with the man-child. In the dream, we went to the hospital and I delivered Boy Bean....but he wasn't a baby....or a chocolate bar....or a litter of kittens....he was a fully-grown werewolf.  And as soon as the umbilical cord was cut, he turned to attack me. So, there I was, running down a main thoroughfare of the my hospital gown....being chased by my newborn-werewolf-man-child.

Thankfully, in the past two weeks Boy Bean has not shown any signs of being anything other than 100% human. But I'm still keeping my running shoes handy.

Well, to be honest, now that I've actually written down those post-partum one's are not even worth mentioning.....I mean, no one will need therapy from those! Although maybe I should see someone...

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  1. dave always reminds me that i better keep my dreams to myself because i seem less bizare that way! don't worry. we all have crazy dreams. we just aren't brave enough to tell everyone! :)

  2. Taylord look in that picture is priceless and Lena seems to have had enough of the pictures for the day. lol this is to funny. And your dreams! I had a crazy one that I dreamt Makayla was born a girl, (before we knew she was a girl), the age of a toddler and running into a funeral parlor and all around the halls of the hospital. Apparently outside my room was the Funeral parlor. I thought that was so weird!

  3. I never knew you didn't like my Joe. :(

  4. rosemary - i can handle cats at other people's houses....i just won't be purchasing or adopting any! (I am also allergic) :)

  5. Loved this one!! May I share one with you? I believe it was when I was pregnant with Maize. I know... I can't believe I don't know for sure which pregnancy it was either! I still claim Mommy-brain. ;) Anyway, he did not show up on his due date, and I had already been on maternity leave for about a week, and the nursery was done, so I would sit in his room in the rocking chair and cry. Anyway... the dream. I dreamt there was a big zipper on my belly, from top to bottom, and I unzipped it and took him out and held him, and then passed him around to some family members, and then quickly took him back and said "He needs to go back now, he's not done." and I put him back and zipped the belly up!! LOL! Anyway, I don't know if I would have remembered that if you hadn't of jogged my memory! Lol! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I never remember my dreams unless I'm preg. The funniest one I had was with Brooks. I dreamed I had a baby and they took him to the nursery, and the nurse asked if we wanted to save the cord blood. I said yes. Which meant that "presto", you got an IDENTICAL backup child, immediately. So I had the 'spare' in the room with me. Then Brian returned from the nursery with Baby, and another 'spare'. They had also asked him if we wanted to save the cord blood. He said yes, and got the spare-spare child. I was sooo upset, as this was not part of the plan! We only wanted 1 spare child, now we had 2! Brian was taking this such a good way, and pointing out the baby could die twice and we'd be ok (WHAT!) with the spares. I pointed out we would need a minivan, and he said that was ok, and I was crying "But you hate minivans!!". It was so hilarious.


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