Monday, January 17, 2011

All that is gained....

....Does NOT like to be lost. 

Starting point: round 4
Seriously. What IS it about pregnancy weight-gain? I'm not asking for every-single-pound-gained to suddenly disappear when you deliver....but at least the amount the baby weighs to be lost - that would be nice. (Although the fully-disappearing-weight would be nice too!)

Before you say something like "your baby is not even 3 weeks old! What are you worried about?!" Hear me out....all the way out.

With Boy Bean I gained drastically less weight than I did with the other 3 pregnancies.

And I'm going to say the exact numbers because it really is relevant.  

With String Bean and Jumping Bean I gained 55 pounds each time. Fifty-five. 

String Bean in the pod

That whole "eat for two" idea? Well, I fully embraced it. 
Unfortunately, I didn't realize that most of the pregnancy, the other person you are eating for is not a pro-linebacker. . . they are actually smaller than a cantaloupe. 
Jumping Bean in the pod

Anyway. With Bitty Bean I gained 35 pounds...and I was very proud of myself!
Bitty Bean in the pod
Boy Bean in the pod
But with this man-child, I only gained 23 pounds...bear in mind he was 3 weeks early - so I was on target to gain exactly what I was supposed to. Lucky for me, Boy Bean didn't have me craving Hardee's thickburgers, bbq, and ice-cream, like the girls did....I just wanted LOTS of fruit. AND I really didn't have time to eat. So, that makes it a lot easier to not gain weight. I would actually make myself eat - even if I wasn't hungry - if the opportunity presented itself!

Now, I am not a person where the weight just melts away....I have had to work....very get it off.
With String Bean it took 14 months....I got pregnant one month later.
With Jumping Bean it took 12 months....I got pregnant one month later.
With Bitty Bean it took 6 months....we were shocked I didn't get pregnant until she was 10 months old!

So far, I have lost 8 pounds. Eight. When you consider the fact that my son weighed 6lbs 3oz and I lost (what felt like) 25 gallons of would think it would tally up to a little more than eight. Apparently not.

So I have decided to chronicle my journey back to myself to (hopefully) encourage someone else out there who is struggling to find time to work out....or say "no" to the oh-so-tempting-food that should be directly applied to my stomach.

2.5 weeks post-Boy Bean
I tenderly call my post-baby tummy - which is where all of my fat goes - my "love-pot" because if the fat rolls on the side are "love-handles"....

Oh well. My body will have a break for the rest of the month and then I will get to start working out again. I have really really missed running and working out hard!

More on that shocking sentence another day....

I'd love to know how you manage your healthy weight!  
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  1. Been looking for my healthy weight about 7 years now!!!! Maybe this is MY year!!!! Looking good Whit!

  2. Whitney, you look beautiful, as always! I love reading your blog, it always brightens my day (even the ones that make me cry). :)

  3. rosemary - maybe we can reach it together! :)
    Melody - thank you! thank you! so glad you like it. :)

  4. you look great!
    I too am in search of my pre-baby body... it's been a slow journey, but I'm determined to get there :)

  5. I'm looking for my pre-pregnancy healthy body too. I just got serious about it in Sept last year and so far have lost almost 11 pounds! I still have another 12 or so to go though! I suddenly became addicted to exercising and am excited with the results. Now if I would just do something about my eating habits, I'm sure the rest of it would just fall off...for me, the food should just be applied directly to my butt!


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!