Friday, August 13, 2010

Whaaaaat did I just say????

Things I never thought I would say.....but have. Over and over again.

1.  Stop crying - or I'll give you something to cry about. 
2.  If you don't stop your whining I will just TURN THIS CAR AROUND.
3.  If you want to engage in a battle of wills - I WILL win. I am exponentially more stubborn than you.
4. We keep our dresses DOWN.  SERIOUSLY! Stop putting the hem over your head!!!
5.  No!  You don't put your hand up Mommy's dress! Or Skirt! Or Shirt! 
6.  (Always immediately after #5)  AND NEVER pull Mommy's Panties down!!!! (Lena - I will be using this story at your assured.)
7.  Don't eat food out of the TRASH CAN!
8.  You can't just kiss strangers....even IF you just found out their name....they are STILL a stranger.
9.  Whatever it is...the answer is NO.
10.  Stop messing with each other and just sit there and play with yourself. (Okay - so that one I've only said once....but it was pretty funny!)

Do you have any phrases you would like to contribute?
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  1. No, you cannot invite them to your birthday, Child. You just met them!

    You do not tell every kid you met your address and phone number!

    Our #4 sound more like this: I do not need to see your underwear and neither does anybody else!

  2. what is it with children becoming best friends with total strangers????

  3. you obviously don't have any boys. Number 1 for me these days...
    "Do you have to go potty? Then stop touching your pee-er"
    (however you spell that). Boys just have a knack for hanging on to the thing like it will fall off.

    Number 2 (context: said in a funny way, but it lets them know I'm serious) "You need me to beat you?" - usually followed by "then obey". (no no, I don't actually beat my kids, don't worry:-)

    Number 3: "Did you hear her telling you to stop? Then show respect" - his play gets a little too rough and ends up in kicking, or throwing a ball at her head.

    Number 4: "Are you considering the preciousness of others?"(My mom used to say that, and it bugged me...uh oh)

    Number 5: "If you break that, you will be paying for it for the rest of your life"

    Ok, I better stop...I'm starting to wonder if I'm really a very nice mom at all!! lol.

  4. Oh, and there's always this one: "mommy, I'm hungry" - "Well then you should have eaten your lunch!"

    Ok, so yah, I'm really starting to sound like a meanie!

  5. we like these:

    It's ME time.

    That'll do it.

    Quite a few of the above sound about right as well.

  6. 1. If you ask in front of your friends...the answer is going to be NO.
    2. Nothing Good Happens After Midnight.... only to have this used against me by my son and oldest daughter one night coming home from a date after midnight.... I open the front door only to find the two of them sitting in the dark asking "Mom, where have you been??...Remember Nothing Good Happens After Midnight"!!! :)


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