Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crazy Lunch Lady

Sooo, aside from being a pregnant hormonal emotional crazy person right now....I'm feeling pretty normal. Or not...I had an insane meltdown this week over LUNCHES. Yep. Lunches.

The scene of the episode definitely helps put it in context:  The Hubby, The Beans, and I, were all out "First time to School" shopping (at Target) and we looked at lunch boxes for String Bean.

Surrounded by the wide array of choices for how to tote one's lunch to school -  Hello Kitty, Mod patterns, princesses, hot pink, camo, zipper, clasp, messenger bag, lunch box; ice packs in more shapes than I could count; thermos'; water bottles; separate sandwich carriers -  I started crying right there in the aisle.  Utterly overwhelmed by the choices, (who knew the brown paper bag was soo 1990??? And I thought that would be the green option!) I was heaving deep breaths - shoulders shaking - the whole nine felt akin to an anxiety attack!  What caused this utter meltdown? The realization that I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what to pack for her lunches. Seriously.  As someone who didn't attend school away from the dining room table - the concept of packing lunch for a 5 year old that will be healthy, taste good, and be easily eaten, is completely foreign to me.

My husband - who is fluent in emotional-woman due to the 4 he surrounds himself with - put his hand on my shoulder, and laughed. 

I fixed my frightened eyes on him and said "What ON EARTH am I gonna do????  I don't know what to pack for her lunches? I don't know a good routine for school....You can't just leave me when I am walking into foreign territory!"

He calmly turned to me, wiped the laughter-tears from his cheeks,  and said, "Its lunch babe. Get a grip."

You know what? He was completely RIGHT. I needed to step back, breathe, and get a grip. On reality.

Moral of the story? When surrounded by choices and you feel overwhelmed...step back. Chill out. Realize that there are very few things regarding lunch decisions that will kill you. (Unless you have severe food allergies....the wrong choice really COULD kill you. So disregard the moral if that is you.)

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  1. haha! Oh Whitney - you make me laugh! I love the last sentence! I'll be praying for you for sure... it's got to me super overwhelming having #1 go to school for the first time AND your husband going on deployment! But never fear ... we can make cream puffs as often as you want! :P


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