Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Favorite things.....part 1

Since I'm having serious trouble completing sentences right now - and can't seem to find time to write, no matter how early I get up - I'm cheating and doing a Favorite Things list.  (Cop out - for sure. Informative - hopefully)

So in the interest of answering some questions I've been asked a lot recently (since 90% of the women I know are pregnant!)  here is my list of things that have helped me  - tremendously! - in my motherhood career.  (Beware obvious product placement coming soon - a little in this one and a LOT in part 2!)

1. The Bible - Most important tool by far! It is chocked full of verses to help this very flawed woman keep her focus on the reason she is barely clinging to her sanity.  :)

2. Passionate Housewives Desperate for God - (By Jennie Chancey and Stacy McDonald) The second most influential book I've read regarding motherhood and godliness.  I skeptically picked it up....and finished it changed in my perspective on my role, my purpose, and my views on womanhood.  It is completely politically incorrect - and utterly Bible based. It will not be a comfortable read - but is worth reading over and over again.

3. Support - and not from a good bra....although that is very nice. Having a network of people around that encourage me towards God, towards my husband, and yearning to guide the hearts of my children.  Who your friends are is ALWAYS important - but in this battlefield of motherhood, finding people who are in various stages of mothering  as your backup when you just want to curl up in a corner and hum is essential!  Being a mom (especially one who stays home)  can feel extremely lonely - so seek out people that will encourage you in the moments when you are on the edge!

4. Sense of Humor - No matter what happens...there is always a funny lining. :)  Baby just spit up all over your clothes right before the plane takes off and the puke is dripping down your chest, puddling in you bra and underwear?  (Yes, that happened) At least you get to sit in a row by yourself instead of being sandwiched between two very large men!  Suddenly have to sneeze and can't cross your legs?  You've been given the gift of understanding older people and how very hard it is to adjust to physical changes!

What are some of your favorite things from your motherhood journey?  (Don't worry - the post about products will be coming soon!)  :)

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  1. Ha ha ha! So true Whitney! :) I'll have to pick up that book soon. .. I'm in desperate need to keep my mind going on things other than food!


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