Monday, August 9, 2010

Mrs. Pokey-awna

When we went Cabinning at Crabtree Falls over 4th of July.....we became assured that our eldest bean is either destined for the stage....or losing her mind.  (Perhaps it is a combo?!)

On the porch of our cabin there was a beautiful Hiking stick just leaning against the wall.  Canaan (always in search of a friend) eyed the smooth stick and decided it would make a perfect friend for the duration of the trip.  (She is always most industrious in the friend-hunting when her younger sisters/playmates are napping) Anyway, Jonathan and I were sitting on the porch enjoying the peaceful setting... and we heard Canaan having a full in-depth conversation with someone...just out of our line-of-sight.  As we watched the scene unfold - we observed Canaan hugging the hiking stick, talking to it, singing to it, and finally, dancing with it!  Once I gathered myself together, I asked Canaan "Who are you talking to?"
Canaan said, "Oh!  I'm sorry I didn't introduce you - this is Mrs. Pokey-awna."
"Mom - you need to say 'Nice to meet you,' just staring at Mrs. Pokey-awna is rather rude." Canaan whispered to me behind her hand with furtive glances at the stick/friend.
I whispered, "Sorry."  Full voice, "Nice to meet you, Mrs, Pokey-awna."
Then Canaan said, "Mom! Its just a stick. Why are you talking to it????"

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  1. Beautiful Blog Whitney! Do you have a program for all these beautiful graphics?
    And beautiful children, by the way.
    Great story, simple pleasures of life. What a gift from God! --Hannah G

  2. Hannah - a good friend of mine (Lauren - one of my followers) is quite blog-savvy and she designed the blog. :)

  3. I have a nice smooth stick you can rub and play with baby girl


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