Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I had forgotten about the growing pains involved with deployments (forgive me, its been 3 years!).  Getting reacquainted with where all the important papers are, having a firm grasp on, well, everything, thinking ahead to get all the heavy stuff moved, finishing all the projects, desperately trying to multiply the moments together.  Many military spouses speak of the odd phenomenon of higher levels of aggravation with each other just prior to a separation...maybe it is easier to leave/be left when you are mad at each other?? I don't really know...but we have to work harder at not letting the little stuff get in the way as we "gear up." 

I was asked today about what its like to be a Navy Wife (A question often asked!) and it caused me to be very pensive - especially in light of the upcoming separation.  Perhaps the answer I've come up with will help in understanding me...or the role...or you might think it is completely wrong....oh well - here it goes anyway!

Being a Navy Wife for me has been a journey.  It has been - at times - a training ground for remembering Who is actually taking care of my husband. (Nothing like having no control over your schedule - even 24 hours in advance to make THAT one clear!)  It has been a boot camp in personal growth.  We've been married almost 7 years now - and all except for the first 3 months I've shared my husband with the US Government.  It can be exceptionally hard. It can be extremely rewarding.  It is a constant mix of sadness and joy - because every time my husband has a homecoming, I know someone else just said goodbye.  It can be lonely, yet it is filled with opportunities to build friendships to last a lifetime - even if you only live near each other for 6 months! It is a wonderful place for self-discovery. (Nothing like moving to a new place and being surrounded by challenges to see what you are made of! Or what you CAN be made into!) It is the tool God has used to break me and rebuild me over and over.  
Would I recommend this military spouse life to everyone? No. 

But for me, it is completely a right fit.  How do I handle the deployments, the moving, the combat zones, and the loneliness? I know I married the man God made me for...He has fit me perfectly to help my husband and support him wherever he is.  That doesn't mean it is easy - but it does mean the Lord is with me and will give me strength to get through whatever lies ahead. 
Me and my Navy man. :)

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  1. Well said! God definitely uses Navy life (long hours, deployments, short breaks, unexpected emergencies, etc) as a tool of sanctification. It's not easy, but I have found God blesses so much through it all. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Well said! :) I feel the same way!

  3. We're praying for you. Thank you for sharing such tenderness.

  4. Thanks for the prayers and encouragement!

  5. Hopefully Uncle Doug and I can be a lot better at "being there for you" and the girls and ? !!
    You have my cell, and we will be as close as a call!
    Beautifully written, and yes you and Jonathan were put in each others path for a reason!
    Love you bunches and bunches!!
    Aunt Rosemary

  6. What a great post! I know what you are going through. Bill and I have been military our whole lives. My dad, Bill's dad and Bill. It's hard at times but I am so thankful for the job and the journey! ♥Gina


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