Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Favorite Things....part 2

Here is the promised continuation of yesterday's post.....

5. Sling - My sling enabled Chilly Bean to stay warm and cuddled while I was chasing String Bean and Jumping Bean. I can't overstate how wonderful my life was because of the sling!

6. Sound Machine - All girls have slept with a sound machine in their room from the moment they moved out of mommy's room.....wonderful, wonderful, invention.  You don't need a fancy bumper, or a crib skirt. Get the sound machine and keep your sanity!!!

7. Combi Stroller - Hands down my FAVORITE stroller! It is super light, compact, reclines, can click a car seat into it, has a carry strap, and actually can be opened with ONE hand!!! Those travel systems that eat up your trunk? Feel free to keep 'em.  I'll take my Combi any day!  (I have a single and a double)  The single was a gift when String Bean was born - it has been through quite a lot in the past five years and held up beautifully!  The double was purchased off of EBay for 50%. Wonderful use of $! :)

8. Oxi-Clean Laundry Spray - Blueberries puked all over a white shirt? Macaroni and cheese thrown up in the sheets?  Strawberries smeared on a favorite dress? Poop all over every piece of fabric in sight?  Oxi-clean!  It is a wonderful, wonderful thing!!

9. Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals Cookbook - At least for me, the first time of making each recipe it is NOT 30 minutes....but then all subsequent times it is!  Great food, keeps everybody happy, minimizes battles, gets veggies and greens in the meals, AND it makes me look like a great cook! (I'm a fan of all of those side effects.)  :)

10. Crock Pot - For all those days where dinner will not be more than sandwiches if I leave prep till 4 pm.  Especially with a new baby - they are really really really needy from about I make dinner at 8 or 9 in the morning and then forget about it!  What a wonderful invention.

Do you have any favorite products or tricks that have helped you keep your sanity???

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  1. Oxi-clean is my FAVORITE! I love it! Having teens over every week means lots of spills on my couches and carpets and oxi-clean has saved me many many times! I'm going to have to look up that combi stroller! :)

    Hope everyone's feeling better at your house... I'm still a little under the weather :(

  2. We haven't used sound machines, just a fan blowing - same effect, and they love it. If I forget to turn it on, Brooks asks for it:-) i'd love to see some of your fave crock pot recipes, I'm always looking for ideas that are tried and true. I try some things and we end up not liking it much.


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