Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things that make me happy

So, I'll confess, I can be exceptionally shallow. I love to fake that I am an elitist. I take an obscene amount of pleasure from a particular realm of mistakes....


I love typos. Spelling errors. Flipped words.

Especially on signs.


There was a dumpster at a construction site across the street from our house for one entire month that brought me excessive joy.


Because they had spray painted - 8 times - the following words:

Wood Olny.

Beautiful. I kept meaning to take a picture....but it just didn't happen.

THEN today I saw this on the digital sign as you enter the base:

Sign up for a trian ride with Santa!

I smiled. I laughed. And I thoroughly enjoyed feeling better than those people that made the sign....

Until I forgot to turn down my street and had to loop the neighborhood. So much for being brilliant!

Copyright 2010


  1. Oh I see some of my x-students are now working for sign makers!!

  2. Do you also love it when people read and mispronouce the word? I must admit - if that happens often I get annoyed!! LOL

    - Kate


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