Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthing yourself....

Well, it's official. When I gave birth to String Bean - I gave birth to myself. Over the weekend, I was informed of her nickname at school....and I realized - again - she is mini-me. It is scary - really, really, scary - how much alike we two are.

We have the same crazy hair that has its own attitude.

We both can cry at the drop of a hat.

We can't stand to hear incorrect information being passed along - ever.

We have very goofy ideas on what is funny.

We both get into movies waaaaaaaaay more than your normal person.

Neither one of us like the dark. Or bugs. Or getting dirty for no reason.

We enjoy a good book.

We love to make new friends.

We like to tell people what to do. Pretty much, all the time.

That last one is the kicker. In my (advanced) 28 years, I have managed to learn it is not always appropriate to tell people what to do and can (most-of-the-time) hold my tongue. Unfortunately, at her tender 5 years of age....she hasn't learned that balance.

So, my little String Bean is nicknamed "Little Mommy." And she has absolutely NO problem with that. Because (as she said) "Some children just need more direction than others! And I always know what we are supposed to be doing."

And we are back to square one in working on developing a humble spirit. HA!

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  1. Did we have the same Mommy? Oh, no, I guess not--my hair is straight and fine--so that eliminates that comparison, but others are SO similar, especially the one about being everyone's "Mommy"! (-;

  2. Precious and Priceless. God is such a good God!! You are so blessed.

  3. Funny. I will understand when she tells me how to hold my baby. Chani

  4. It's hard not to correct when you know you are always right!


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