Wednesday, January 16, 2013


There are some really awesome things about the military....
The Balls
The Homecomings
The Traveling
Having friends all around the world
Being able to speak acronym

But today is not any of those.

Today is the yucky part.
Today we said goodbye.
For much of the year.

....explaining to your children when they see Daddy next, all 3 girls will have had a birthday, and they will be in different grades...might be one of my least favorite things to do ever.

Watching My Love read stories last night to each Bean, knowing that scene won't happen again, is a very hard thing to see.

He will not get to snuggle them as 7, 5, 3, and 2, again.

Watching the final bag get packed - the toiletries removed from the bathroom - the last flight suit, donned.
Loading it all in the car.
Pulling out of the garage as a family of 6.

Pulling into squadron,
unbuckling children,
individually hugging,
tears filling eyes,
arms gripping necks,
whispering goodbyes.

Rain falling, 
tears falling, 
pulling away, 
as a family of 5.

This has not been my easiest day.

I know we will be fine. We will all do our jobs and take care of our responsibilities at home and aboard the ship. But that doesn't make the tearing apart easier. You can prepare for a million things...but the pulling away without your favorite person? That always hurts. Every time. You learn how to handle it better - you have more tools in your arsenal each time - but it doesn't make the goodbye easier.

So, if I'm a little less chipper than usual, please forgive me. 
Today is my day I've allotted time to be sad.  
If I need a breakdown again....I should have time on Sunday night. 

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  1. My heart goes out to you. You remember that Gerry and I are here, and if we can EVER be of any help to you (seeing as how every time they leave, stuff breaks) please let us know. I will pray for you and your Love and the kids each day, and hope that this deployment goes by very fast!!!!! You have been such an encouragement to me, and I want to do the same for you!

    1. thank you so much!!! I will definitely call on you guys if needed. (thankfully our neighborhood and church is also happy to fill in the gaps.)

  2. I have tears in my eyes for you. I do not pretend to know that life, but I know it has to tear your heart out. You seem like such a dedicated wife and mother and your love for your family is obvious! I will be thinking of you over the next few days as you all readjust to daddy being away. Thank you to you and Jonathon for your sacrifice for all of us. I pray that you will be blessed and safe over the next few months. You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!

    1. thank you for your prayers...we always need them! :)

  3. Whit, well said. Only those experiencing separation understand. Jesus knows your heart. Love you and am praying. A. Sara Jo

  4. I'm so sorry Whitney - praying for you today especially. <3

    1. Thank you!! we desperately need it - for peace, for rest, for patience. :)

  5. I am so sorry for you Whitney. Please let me know if I can do anything for you.

    1. You already have. A million times over. I love you!

  6. It used to be me. 20 yrs in the Navy, lots of good byes, missed birthdays, important dates, daily life, etc. But the homecomings always make up for it all, and serving the best country in the world makes it feel right!

    1. I agree - the homecomings are WONDERFUL!! :)

  7. You know we are praying for you guys! "His mercies are new every morning" So remember to count your days not as ones he's been gone but ones closer to him coming home!! We are very proud of your family and so grateful for your sacrifices for our country! We love you and will continue to remember you all in our prayers!!

    1. yep....countdown to homecoming is on. Probably write about that tomorrow. ;)

  8. You have such a great outlook on it Deary!!! Love that last Countdown is on comment! Brenda

  9. Prayed for you today, Whitney. Being a single parent is not easy, but - as you obey His command, "Abide in Me." - from the limitless fullness of our compassionate Christ, you will receive grace upon grace to help in each time of need.
    John 1:14-16
    Hebrews 4:15-16


Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement!